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Akane Shinjou

Japanese Name 新条 アカネ Romaji Name Akane Shinjou Nicknames N/A Series SSSS.Gridman Age 15 Weight N/A Height 149 cm Date of Birth January 2, 2003 Blood Type A Akane Shinjou The complex protagonist of SSSS.Gridman Personality Akane Shinjou, a central character in the anime series SSSS.Gridman, has a complex and intriguing personality. She is portrayed […]

Rikka Takarada

Japanese Name 宝多 六花 Romaji Name Takarada Rikka Nicknames None Series SSSS.Gridman Age Unknown Weight Unknown Height Unknown Date of Birth December 5, 2002 Blood Type O Rikka Takarada of SSSS.Gridman: A closer look at the character Personality Rikka Takarada is a kind and compassionate individual who cares deeply for her friends. As one of […]