Itaru Hashida

Japanese Name 橋田 至
Romaji Name Hashida Itaru
Nicknames Daru, Perverted Gentleman, Super Hakar, Hack, DaSH, DaSP
Series Steins;Gate
Age 19
Weight 98 kg
Height 164 cm
Date of Birth May 19
Blood Type B



The tech guru of Steins;Gate


Itaru Hashida, also known as Daru, is a prominent character in the popular Steins;Gate anime series. He has a unique and multifaceted personality that has endeared him to fans. Daru is an enthusiastic and proactive Otaku with a deep passion for both 2D and 3D girls. He often uses @ch terminology, an offshoot of the popular Japanese forum 2ch. Daru is known for his talkative nature and can be quite verbose at times. However, some of his comments can be interpreted as sexual harassment.
Despite his seemingly carefree demeanor, Daru is highly intelligent and possesses exceptional programming and hacking skills. He is able to hack into the mainframes of top-secret organizations, demonstrating his remarkable talent in the world of computers. This expertise has earned him the nickname “Super Hacker” among his peers.


Daru is a freshman at Tokyo Denki University, where he is pursuing a degree in technology. He has been friends with the main character, Rintaro Okabe, since their high school days. Their shared experiences and camaraderie form a crucial bond that drives the narrative forward.
In the Alpha Attractor Field, a future timeline within the Steins;Gate universe, Daru and Okabe become the founders of a resistance movement against the oppressive rule of the organization known as SERN. It is in this timeline that Daru meets his future wife, Yuki Amane, a cosplayer. They have a daughter, Suzuha, who plays an important role in the series.


Daru has a distinct physical appearance that reflects his otaku lifestyle. He is 164 cm tall, has a somewhat stocky build, and weighs approximately 98 kg. His date of birth is May 19th, and his blood type is B. Daru’s most recognizable feature is his unkempt black hair, which he often covers with a cap. He is often seen wearing casual clothing, including t-shirts, hoodies, and jeans.


Daru’s expertise lies in programming and hacking. A self-proclaimed super-hacker, he has an unparalleled ability to manipulate computer systems. With his exceptional aptitude for technology, Daru is able to breach the security of top-secret organizations and access confidential information. His programming skills allow him to contribute significantly to the development of time-travel-related technologies and the fight against SERN.


Daru’s character was originally introduced in the visual novel and later adapted into the Steins;Gate anime series. Created by Chiyomaru Shikura and developed by 5pb. and Nitroplus, Steins;Gate explores the concept of time travel and the consequences of altering the past.
Throughout the series, Daru’s character undergoes significant development, showing his growth from a skilled hacker and otaku to a central figure in the resistance against SERN. His relationships with other characters, especially his friendship with Rintaro Okabe, add depth and emotional resonance to his arc.

Itaru Hashida – FAQ

Who is Itaru Hashida in “Steins;Gate”?

Itaru Hashida, also known by his online handle “Daru”, is one of the main characters in the visual novel and anime series “Steins;Gate”. He is a skilled hacker and a member of the Future Gadget Laboratory, a group of friends who experiment with futuristic gadgets.

What is Itaru Hashida’s role in the Future Gadget Laboratory?

Itaru Hashida is the resident hacker and computer expert of the Future Gadget Laboratory. He assists the group with their time travel experiments by providing technical support and expertise. He can often be seen working on his computer, helping the team overcome various obstacles.

What is Itaru Hashida’s personality like?

Itaru Hashida is portrayed as a relaxed and easy-going character. He is known for his otaku tendencies and is very passionate about technology and hacking. He often displays a playful and sarcastic sense of humor, and is particularly fond of making kinky jokes. Despite his light-hearted nature, he is also shown to be caring and loyal to his friends.

What are Itaru Hashida’s most notable characteristics or traits?

Itaru Hashida is instantly recognizable by his distinctive appearance, which includes long, unkempt hair, glasses, and a lab coat. He is known for his exceptional hacking skills and extensive knowledge of computers and technology. He is also a self-proclaimed “super hacker” and is often proud of his skills.

Does Itaru Hashida have any important relationships in the series?

Itaru Hashida forms close relationships with several characters in Steins;Gate. He shares a deep friendship with Rintarou Okabe, the main protagonist, and the two often engage in banter and humorous exchanges. He also develops a romantic interest in Akiha Rumiho, a character also known as Faris NyanNyan.

How does Itaru Hashida contribute to the overall story of Steins;Gate?

Itaru Hashida plays an important role in the plot of Steins;Gate. His hacking skills and technical expertise are crucial to the group’s efforts to unravel the mysteries of time travel and the dangers that come with it. He helps with the development and maintenance of the time machine, as well as finding solutions to the challenges they face along the way.