Mayuri Shiina

Original Name 椎名 まゆり
Romaji Name Shiina Mayuri
Nicknames Mayushii☆
Series Steins;Gate
Age 16
Weight 45 kg
Height 152 cm
Date of Birth February 1, 1994
Blood Type O

Mayuri Shiina


Mayuri Shiina, also known as Mayushii, is a fictional character in the Steins;Gate anime and visual novel series. She is portrayed as a cheerful and optimistic individual with a kind-hearted nature. Mayuri is Rintarou Okabe’s childhood friend and a member of the Future Gadget Laboratory. She has a slow and wavy way of speaking, often ending her sentences with “~desu”. Despite being somewhat naive and having difficulty understanding complex theories, Mayuri is always supportive of her friends and brings a sense of warmth and joy to the group. She is easily frightened and dislikes conflict, preferring a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.


Mayuri Shiina was born on February 1, 1994 and is 16 years old. She attends Kasensou Private Preparatory Academy as a second year student. Mayuri has a close relationship with her grandmother, with whom she used to go stargazing. As a result of these experiences, Mayuri developed the habit of reaching her arm to the sky, which Rintarou Okabe affectionately calls the “Stardust Shakehand. Her grandmother’s influence has contributed to her optimistic outlook on life.


Mayuri is a small girl with short black hair that forms fringes that sweep from both sides of her face. She has pale blue eyes and noticeably thick eyebrows. She is often seen in a variety of outfits, including her signature light green dress with a white lace collar. Mayuri’s appearance contributes to her overall innocence and youthful charm.


Although Mayuri has no supernatural or extraordinary abilities, she contributes to the Future Gadget Laboratory with her emotional support and practical assistance. She is skilled in sewing and often helps with repairs or creating costumes for the lab’s experiments. Mayuri’s presence brings a sense of stability and comfort to the group, acting as a pillar of support during difficult times.


Mayuri Shiina originates from the visual novel “Steins;Gate” created by 5pb. and Nitroplus. She is one of the main characters in the story and plays a significant role in the narrative. The visual novel was later adapted into an anime series, further popularizing Mayuri’s character. She has gained a large fan base due to her lovable personality and her role as a source of emotional strength for the other characters in the series.

Mayuri Shiina – FAQ

Who is Mayuri Shiina?

Mayuri Shiina is a character from the visual novel and anime series “Steins;Gate”. She is one of the main characters and a close friend of the protagonist, Rintarou Okabe. Mayuri is known for her cheerful and innocent personality.

What is Mayuri’s role in Steins;Gate?

Mayuri plays an important role in the story of “Steins;Gate”. She is a childhood friend of Rintarou Okabe and is often seen supporting him in his endeavors. Mayuri is also a member of the “Future Gadget Laboratory” and provides emotional support to the other characters.

What are some of Mayuri Shiina’s characteristics?

Mayuri is portrayed as a kind-hearted and gentle character. She is often seen wearing a childish and colorful outfit, and she loves cosplay. Mayuri has a tendency to say “Tuturuu”, which has become one of her iconic catchphrases.

Does Mayuri have any unique skills or abilities?

Mayuri does not have any special abilities or skills. However, she has a strong intuition and is sensitive to other people’s feelings. Her genuine and caring nature often helps to bring the group together and provide emotional support to others.

What is Mayuri’s relationship to Rintarou Okabe?

Mayuri and Rintarou have a close and lasting friendship. They have known each other since childhood and share a strong bond. Mayuri often refers to Rintarou as “Okarin” and provides him with emotional support throughout the series.

Does Mayuri have any major storylines or developments?

While Mayuri does not have a specific story arc dedicated solely to her character, she plays a crucial role in the overall narrative of Steins;Gate. Her presence and interactions with other characters contribute to the emotional depth of the story and help move the plot forward.