Ruka Urushibara

Original Name 漆原 るか
Romaji Name Urushibara Ruka
Nicknames Rukako
Series Steins;Gate
Age 16
Weight 44 kg
Height 161 cm
Date of Birth August 30
Blood Type A

Ruka Urushibara from “Steins;Gate”: A Closer Look


Ruka Urushibara, also known as Rukako, is a character from the popular anime and visual novel series Steins;Gate. Ruka is portrayed as a polite, well-groomed individual with the personality traits typically associated with a beautiful girl. Despite being biologically male, Ruka has a strong desire to be reborn as a female. Often shy and reserved, Ruka rarely imposes personal opinions on others. However, when expressing her thoughts, Ruka tends to become shy and blushes easily. Ruka’s serious nature leads her to believe the fantastic claims of the protagonist, Rintarou Okabe.


Ruka Urushibara is a second-year student at Kasensou Private Preparatory Academy and a classmate of Mayuri Shiina, one of the main characters in “Steins;Gate”. Ruka’s friendship with Mayuri and her association with the Future Gadget Lab bring her into contact with Rintarou Okabe. Ruka looks up to Okabe and considers him a mentor, especially due to Okabe’s habit of pretending to be possessed and allowing Ruka to “exorcise” him.


Ruka Urushibara’s physical appearance is in keeping with the androgynous presentation commonly associated with her desire to be reborn as a woman. Ruka is slender and stands 161 cm tall. She has a delicate and graceful appearance, often compared to an orchid or cherry blossom. Ruka’s feminine features contribute to the overall aesthetic of the character and play an important role in the story.


While Ruka Urushibara does not possess any supernatural or extraordinary abilities, her character arc in “Steins;Gate” revolves around a significant change brought about by the manipulation of time and world lines. Through a series of events, Ruka’s wish to be reborn as a woman is temporarily realized, changing her physical gender. However, this change is eventually reversed to save another character, Mayuri.


Ruka Urushibara originates from the visual novel and anime series “Steins;Gate”. Created by the collaborative efforts of Nitroplus and 5pb, “Steins;Gate” follows the story of a group of eccentric individuals who discover time travel and become entangled in a web of conspiracies and alternate timelines. Ruka’s character plays an integral part in the narrative, adding depth and diversity to the cast of characters.

Ruka Urushibara – FAQ

Who is Ruka Urushibara?

Ruka Urushibara is a character from the visual novel and anime series “Steins;Gate”. Ruka is a close friend of the main characters and a member of the Future Gadget Laboratory.

What is Ruka Urushibara’s gender?

Ruka Urushibara is assigned male at birth, but identifies as female. Throughout the series, Ruka struggles with her gender identity and desires to be more feminine.

What is Ruka Urushibara’s role in the story?

Ruka Urushibara plays a supporting role in the story of Steins;Gate. She provides emotional support to the main characters and is involved in some of the time travel experiments conducted by the Future Gadget Laboratory.

How does Ruka Urushibara contribute to the plot?

Ruka Urushibara’s character arc revolves around her struggle with gender identity and the development of her relationship with the other characters. Her involvement in the time travel experiments and her unique perspective add depth and complexity to the overall story.

What are Ruka Urushibara’s personality traits?

Ruka Urushibara is portrayed as gentle, kindhearted, and somewhat naive. She is often shy and reserved, but has a strong sense of loyalty to her friends. Ruka is also shown to be determined and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals.

Does Ruka Urushibara have any special skills or powers?

No, Ruka Urushibara does not have any special abilities or powers. Her character is primarily focused on her personal journey and relationships rather than any supernatural or extraordinary abilities.