Suzuha Amane

Japanese Name 阿万音 鈴羽
Romaji Name Amane Suzuha
Nicknames Part-Time Warrior, Suzu, 008
Series Steins;Gate
Age 18
Weight 51 kg
Height 163 cm
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown



A brave time traveler in “Steins;Gate


Suzuha Amane, a character from the popular anime and visual novel series “Steins;Gate”, is known for her energetic and determined personality. She has a strong passion for riding bicycles and shows a lot of energy in her actions. Although she can be a bit rude at times, Suzuha is surprisingly cautious when it comes to things that are important to her. She is helpful to others, but tends to keep a certain distance and avoids getting too involved in personal matters. Suzuha undergoes a significant change in behavior when pursuing her own interests, becoming proactive and often deliberately using complex vocabulary. Her vibrant personality makes her a memorable and popular character among fans.


Suzuha Amane’s background in “Steins;Gate” is shrouded in mystery. It is revealed that she is from the year 2036 and travels back in time to 2010 with the mission of preventing SERN’s dystopian rule over the world. To accomplish her goal, she assumes the alias John Titor and interacts with the characters of the series to gather information and support their efforts to change the future. Suzuha’s involvement in the story is crucial, as she plays a pivotal role in the development of the time travel narrative and the efforts to change the course of history.


Suzuha Amane is portrayed as an 18-year-old girl with a height of 163 cm and a weight of 51 kg. She has a distinctive appearance with short brown hair and captivating blue eyes. Suzuha’s design reflects her active and dynamic nature, and she is often seen wearing a military-style outfit that complements her role as a time-traveling warrior. Her appearance is both striking and memorable, contributing to her popularity among fans of the series.


As a time traveler, Suzuha Amane possesses unique abilities that aid her in her mission. She is skilled in operating the time machine and has a deep understanding of the intricacies of time travel. Suzuha’s knowledge and expertise make her a valuable asset to the Future Gadget Laboratory and its efforts to change the future. In addition, she has physical prowess and martial arts skills that she uses when facing obstacles and adversaries. Suzuha’s skills, combined with her determination and resourcefulness, make her an indispensable ally in the fight against SERN.


Suzuha Amane’s origins lie in the year 2036, where she witnessed the devastating consequences of SERN’s rule. Motivated by a desire to change this bleak future, she embarks on a mission to travel back in time and prevent the rise of SERN. Her journey takes her to the year 2010, where she meets the characters of “Steins;Gate” and becomes deeply involved in their struggles. Suzuha’s origin story and her connection to the dystopian future serve as the driving force behind the series’ intricate time travel plot.
Suzuha Amane’s character in Steins;Gate is a compelling blend of determination, bravery, and vulnerability. Her vibrant personality, mysterious background, and time-traveling abilities make her a captivating presence in the series. Fans of “Steins;Gate” have come to appreciate Suzuha as a beloved character who adds depth and excitement to the intricate story. Whether riding her bike or battling the forces of fate, Suzuha Amane’s impact on the story is undeniable, and her journey continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Suzuha Amane – FAQ

Who is Suzuha Amane in “Steins;Gate”?

Suzuha Amane is a character in the visual novel and anime series “Steins;Gate”. She is a time traveler from the future who comes to the past to prevent a dystopian future.

What is Suzuha’s role in the story?

Suzuha plays an important role in the plot of Steins;Gate. She is a member of a resistance group called the Future Gadget Lab, and her mission is to ensure that the events that lead to a better future take place.

How does Suzuha travel through time?

Suzuha travels through time using a time machine called the “Time Leap Machine”. She possesses the knowledge and technology from the future that allows her to navigate through time.

What are Suzuha’s motivations?

Suzuha’s main motivation is to prevent the dystopian future that awaits humanity. She believes that by changing certain events in the past, she can change the course of history and create a better future for everyone.

Does Suzuha have any special abilities?

While Suzuha doesn’t have any extraordinary abilities, she is highly skilled in combat and has knowledge of future technology and events. These skills make her a valuable asset in the fight against the oppressive future.

How does Suzuha’s character develop over the course of the series?

Suzuha’s character undergoes a significant development during the course of “Steins;Gate”. At first, she is determined and focused solely on her mission. However, as she interacts with the other characters and learns more about the complexities of time travel, she begins to question her own beliefs and priorities.