Maho Hiyajou

Original Name 比屋定真帆
Romaji Name Maho Hiyajou
Nicknames None
Series Steins;Gate 0
Age 21
Weight N/A
Height 140 cm
Date of Birth November 2
Blood Type N/A

Maho Hiyajou from “Steins;Gate 0

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Maho Hiyajou is portrayed as an analytical, cautious, and sharp young woman. Despite her youthful appearance, she has a mature and determined personality. Maho is known for her dedication and strong work ethic, constantly striving to improve herself and achieve her goals. She can be feisty at times, especially when her small stature causes others to underestimate her. Maho’s passion for her field of study, neuroscience and artificial intelligence, is evident in her unwavering commitment to her research.


Maho Hiyajou is a researcher at the Viktor Chondria University Neuroscience Lab, where she works alongside other scientists, including Kurisu Makise. She is introduced in the Steins;Gate 0 series when she attends a lecture at Okabe’s university as Professor Leskinen’s assistant. Maho’s involvement in the lecture leads Okabe to uncover another conspiracy, rekindling his interest in time machines and his connection to Kurisu.


Maho Hiyajou has a petite and youthful appearance, often mistaken for an elementary school student despite being in her twenties. She stands 140 cm (4’7″) tall and has short brown hair with bangs that frame her face. Maho’s eyes are a vivid shade of blue, adding to her energetic and determined demeanor. She is usually seen in professional attire, befitting her role as a researcher.


Maho possesses exceptional intelligence and expertise in the fields of neuroscience and artificial intelligence. Her analytical skills and sharp mind contribute to her success as a researcher. Throughout the series, she demonstrates her ability to grasp complex scientific concepts and apply them to her work. Maho is also adept at using advanced technology, often working with cutting-edge equipment to further her research efforts.


Maho Hiyajou is a fictional character from the Steins;Gate 0 series, a sequel to the popular Steins;Gate visual novel and anime. She first appears in the Steins;Gate 0 visual novel and later in the anime adaptation. Created by the writer/artist team of Chiyomaru Shikura and huke, Maho plays a major role in the story as she becomes involved in the time-travel-related conspiracies of the Steins;Gate universe.
(Note: The information provided is based on the character description on and may contain spoilers for those who have not seen or read Steins;Gate 0).

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Maho Hiyajou – FAQ

Who is Maho Hiyajou in “Steins;Gate 0”?

Maho Hiyajou is a character in the visual novel and anime series “Steins;Gate 0”. She is a Japanese neuroscientist and a former colleague of Kurisu Makise, another prominent character in the series.

What is Maho’s role in the story?

Maho plays an important role in the story of Steins;Gate 0. She is involved in the development of the Amadeus system, an artificial intelligence program based on Kurisu’s memories. Maho’s expertise in neuroscience and her connection to Kurisu make her a valuable asset in the exploration of time travel and the quest to save the protagonist, Rintarou Okabe.

How does Maho’s personality differ from Kurisu’s?

Maho and Kurisu have very different personalities. While Kurisu is known for her tsundere demeanor, Maho is generally more straightforward and assertive. She is determined and driven, often displaying a strong sense of purpose in her pursuit of scientific advancement. However, Maho also has moments of vulnerability and emotional depth, especially when dealing with the loss of Kurisu.

What are Maho’s notable accomplishments in her field?

Maho is an accomplished neuroscientist. Her notable achievements include contributions to the field of artificial intelligence and memory research, particularly through her work on the Amadeus system. Her collaboration with Kurisu and her own expertise in neuroscience make her a respected figure in the scientific community.

How will Maho’s relationship with Okabe develop?

Maho’s relationship with Okabe evolves over the course of “Steins;Gate 0”. At first, they have a somewhat strained relationship due to their different perspectives and the emotional baggage they carry from their respective connections to Kurisu. However, as they work together and face various challenges, they gradually develop mutual respect and understanding.

Does Maho have any major character arcs?

Yes, Maho goes through several character arcs throughout Steins;Gate 0. She begins as a driven scientist focused on her work, but as the story progresses, she struggles with her own guilt and grief over Kurisu’s death. Maho’s character arc involves coming to terms with her emotions, finding her own identity, and ultimately contributing to the resolution of the story’s conflicts.