Nagisa Aoi

情報 詳細
本名 葵渚
ローマ字表記 Aoi Nagisa
愛称 なぎさ
シリーズ 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ
年齢 14歳
体重 不明
身長 155cm
誕生日 不明
血液型 A型

Nagisa Aoi of “Strawberry Panic”: A Vibrant Protagonist

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Nagisa Aoi, the main character of the anime series “Strawberry Panic”, has a vivacious and lively personality. Although her energetic nature can sometimes get her into trouble, it also adds a charming and endearing quality to her character. Despite being easily frightened, Nagisa displays a childlike innocence that makes her relatable to the audience. She has a deep admiration for the artistic abilities of others, and has shown talent in acting and playing the piano, nurtured through her interactions with the enigmatic Shizuma Hanazono.


Nagisa’s story begins when she suddenly transfers to St. Miator Girl’s Academy, an all-girls school, after her parents go overseas for work and leave her behind. This decision was influenced by her aunt, an alumna of St. Miator, who recommended the school to Nagisa. Astraea Hill, where St. Miator is located, holds a special place in the series, and Nagisa’s connection to her aunt and the school’s history adds depth to her character.


Nagisa Aoi has a visually striking appearance that grabs the viewer’s attention. With her vivid and expressive eyes, she has a captivating presence on screen. Her design emphasizes her youthful and energetic nature, and her expressive facial expressions effectively convey her wide range of emotions. Nagisa’s visual presentation complements her vivid personality, making her a memorable character in the series.


While Nagisa’s abilities are not explicitly emphasized in the series, she demonstrates talent in acting and playing the piano. These skills are revealed through her interactions with Shizuma, with whom she shares a deep connection. Nagisa’s aptitude for these artistic pursuits adds layers to her character and demonstrates her dedication and passion for the arts.


Nagisa Aoi’s origin is in the world of “Strawberry Panic”, a yuri anime series. The story revolves around Nagisa’s experiences and relationships at St. Miator Girl’s Academy, where she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, friendship, and love. As the main protagonist, Nagisa’s character development and interactions with other characters drive the narrative forward, creating a compelling and engaging story.

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Nagisa Aoi – FAQ

Who is Nagisa Aoi in “Strawberry Panic”?

Nagisa Aoi is the main character of the anime and manga series “Strawberry Panic”. She is a transfer student at St. Miator Girls’ Academy and becomes involved in a complex love triangle with two other female characters.

What is Nagisa Aoi’s personality like?

Nagisa is portrayed as a cheerful, kind-hearted, and somewhat naive character. She is known for her friendly nature and willingness to help others. Nagisa often puts the needs of others before her own, and is deeply empathetic to those around her.

What is Nagisa Aoi’s role in the story?

Nagisa is the central character in “Strawberry Panic”. Her arrival at St. Miator Girls’ Academy triggers a series of events that lead to the development of romantic relationships and conflicts among the various characters in the story.

Does Nagisa Aoi have love interests?

Yes, Nagisa is romantically involved with two other female characters in the series: Shizuma Hanazono, the popular etoile at St. Lulim Girls’ School, and Tamao Suzumi, her roommate and close friend at St. Miator Girls’ Academy. The love triangle between Nagisa, Shizuma and Tamao is an important part of the story.

How will Nagisa Aoi’s relationship with Shizuma Hanazono develop?

Nagisa’s relationship with Shizuma goes through several phases over the course of the series. At first, Nagisa is captivated by Shizuma’s beauty and mysterious aura. As they spend more time together, Nagisa’s feelings deepen and they become romantically involved. However, their relationship faces many challenges and obstacles that test their love and commitment to each other.

What is the connection between Nagisa Aoi and Tamao Suzumi?

Nagisa and Tamao are close friends and share a room at St. Miator Girls’ Academy. Tamao develops romantic feelings for Nagisa and often acts as a supportive and protective figure in her life. Their relationship becomes strained as Nagisa’s involvement with Shizuma intensifies, leading to emotional conflicts and difficult choices.