Tamao Suzumi

Tamao Suzumi

Tamao Suzumi (涼水 玉青) is a minor character in the Strawberry Alarm! She is usually left out and forgotten about, despite the fact that she tries to satisfy everyone, especially Nagisa. She is voiced by Ai Sumizu.


Tamao is an adult-looking, beautiful girl with long, azure-blue hair. When it is loose, it reaches almost to her back, but usually it is gathered in a French bun, secured with a big white bow. Her eyes are lavender-purple, but in some works they are brown. Her usual clothes look cute but grown-up in nature.

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Tamao has a pleasant, obliging personality. When it comes to the subject of love and attraction, she likes to gossip about others.

Nagisa and Tamao are quite similar, always full of energy and sharing many interests.

She is very literate and a member of the Literary Club, and loves writing poems. She wrote the screenplay for the adaptation of Carmen. She is highly respected among the other Miator students; many first-year students consider her a possible Etoile candidate.


Nagisa Aoi

They are roommates. She is the first person Nagisa has ever met at school, and Tamao has even helped her by showing her around the school and introducing her to several other students, as well as showing her several campus buildings.

After an interesting introduction, Tamao showed interest in Nagisa fairly early on, and it quickly became apparent that she had a crush on her, which eventually grew into true love. Unfortunately for Tamao, Nagisa doesn’t seem to notice the depth of Tamao’s feelings, and thinks they are just best friends. Tamao often crosses the line in her attraction to Nagisa, for example calling her “My Nagisa,” scaring her only to record “her sweet screams” on tape, and measuring all her body measurements under the pretext that she needs to order a school uniform for her, although the real reason was only to record these “precious data” in her notebook.

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