Kazuma Ikezawa

Japanese Name 池沢 佳主馬
Romaji Name Ikezawa Kazuma
Nicknames King Kazuma
Series Summer Wars
Age 13 years old
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified

Kazuma Ikezawa of “Summer Wars”: A Closer Look

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Kazuma Ikezawa, also known by his avatar name King Kazuma, is a 13-year-old character from the anime movie “Summer Wars”. He is portrayed as a hikikomori, a term used to describe someone who withdraws from society and prefers to stay isolated in his room. Despite his reclusive nature, Kazuma possesses a competitive spirit and a strong sense of dedication. He is particularly skilled in the virtual world of Oz, where he is known for his exceptional fighting skills. Kazuma’s love of winning and his passion for combat set him apart, and he views the fighting games of Oz as more than just entertainment; he sees them as a sport.


One of Natsuki’s cousins, Kazuma is introduced as an Oz user in the movie. He appears weak at first, but undergoes a transformation after learning Shaolin Kung Fu from his grandfather, whom he deeply respects and refers to as “Master”. This martial arts training helps him develop his fighting skills and becomes a formidable opponent in Oz’s martial arts championship. Despite his seclusion, Kazuma finds inspiration in the bravery of his friend Kenji and actively assists him in his battles against the Love Machine, an artificial intelligence program wreaking havoc in Oz.


Kazuma is depicted as a teenager with a distinct appearance. In the real world, he is often seen wearing a tank top and shorts. His room, where he spends most of his time, is filled with technological gadgets and a laptop. In the virtual world of Oz, Kazuma’s avatar takes the form of a white rabbit wearing a red vest, jeans, goggles around his neck, and white and red gloves. Later in the movie, Kazuma gives his avatar a blond haircut similar to his own as a symbol of his determination to defeat the Love Machine.


Kazuma’s main strength lies in his exceptional martial arts skills, which he showcases in Oz’s Martial Arts Championship. His mastery of Shaolin Kung Fu, acquired through rigorous training, allows him to overpower his opponents and emerge victorious from fights. Kazuma’s dedication to honing his skills is evident in his relentless pursuit of victory. His prowess as King Kazuma, the avatar representing his skills, has earned him widespread recognition and respect within the Oz community.


Kazuma Ikezawa comes from the anime film “Summer Wars”, directed by Mamoru Hosoda. The movie explores the interconnectedness of the virtual world and its real-life consequences. Kazuma’s character serves as a key figure in the narrative, representing the potential for personal growth, overcoming challenges, and the power of unity in the face of adversity.
Kazuma Ikezawa’s portrayal in “Summer Wars” shows his transformation from a hikikomori to a skilled fighter in the virtual realm of Oz. His competitive nature, dedication, and unique fighting skills make him an integral part of the story. Through his character, the film emphasizes the importance of individual strengths and the impact they can have in both virtual and real world scenarios.

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Kazuma Ikezawa – FAQ

Who is Kazuma Ikezawa?

Kazuma Ikezawa is a fictional character from the anime movie “Summer Wars”. He is a talented high school student and skilled hacker known by his online username “King Kazma”.

What is Kazuma’s role in Summer Wars?

Kazuma plays an important role in Summer Wars as one of the main characters. He is recruited by the protagonist, Kenji Koiso, to help fight a rogue artificial intelligence program called the Love Machine.

What are Kazuma’s skills and abilities?

Kazuma is a highly skilled hacker with extraordinary abilities in cyberspace. Known as King Kazma, he is known for his unparalleled expertise in virtual combat and has defeated numerous opponents in online competitions. He has advanced programming skills and is adept at manipulating digital systems.

How does Kazuma contribute to the plot of Summer Wars?

Kazuma’s contribution to the plot of Summer Wars is crucial. He assists Kenji and other members of the Jinnouchi family in their fight against the Love Machine, which threatens to wreak havoc in both the virtual and real worlds. Kazuma’s hacking skills and strategic thinking play a crucial role in resolving the conflict.

What is Kazuma’s personality like?

Kazuma is portrayed as a quiet and introverted individual. He tends to be solitary and spends a great deal of time immersed in the online world. However, he is fiercely loyal to his friends and family, and shows great determination and courage when faced with challenges.

Does Kazuma have any character development in the movie?

Yes, Kazuma undergoes character development in Summer Wars. At first, he focuses solely on his virtual persona as King Kazma, but as the story progresses, he learns the importance of real-world relationships and forms a deeper bond with the Jinnouchi family. This growth allows him to more effectively contribute to the resolution of the conflict.