Ken Kitano

Japanese Name: 北野堅
Romaji Name: Kitano Ken
Nicknames: “Boss”
Series: Sun-Ken Rock
Age: Varies throughout the series
Weight: Varies throughout the series
Height: Varies throughout the series
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown

Ken Kitano from “Sun-Ken Rock

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Ken Kitano, the main protagonist of “Sun-Ken Rock”, is a complex character with a unique personality. Despite starting out as a high school delinquent, Ken has a strong sense of justice and a deep loyalty to his friends and loved ones. He is determined and driven, willing to go to great lengths to protect those he cares about and uphold his own principles.


Ken Kitano’s background plays a significant role in shaping his character. After dropping out of high school, Ken leaves Japan to follow his love interest, Yumin Yoshizawa. He finds himself in Korea, where he initially struggles to find work and becomes a recluse for a year. However, his life takes a turn when he saves an old man from loan sharks, which leads to an invitation to join the local gang known as “Q”.


Ken Kitano’s appearance reflects his criminal background. He has a tall and muscular build, a testament to his physical strength and fighting skills. Ken is often seen wearing casual streetwear, including jackets and jeans, which further emphasizes his tough and rebellious image. His character design is influenced by Vash the Stampede from the “Trigun” manga series.


Ken Kitano possesses exceptional physical and martial arts skills, making him a formidable fighter. His strength, combined with his sense of justice, earns him the loyalty of his gang and the respect of the local community. Ken’s martial arts skills allow him to overcome numerous challenges and protect those he cares about.


Ken Kitano’s background and past experiences contribute to his character development. At the age of 13, his parents were killed during a Yakuza war, leaving him with a desire for justice and a determination to protect others from similar tragedies. His journey from high school delinquent to leader of the Sun-Ken Rock Gang shows his growth and transformation as he navigates the complexities of the criminal underworld.

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Ken Kitano – FAQ

FAQ about Ken Kitano of “Sun-Ken Rock

Who is Ken Kitano?
Ken Kitano is the main protagonist of the manga series “Sun-Ken Rock” created by Boichi. He starts as a juvenile delinquent in Japan and eventually becomes a powerful gang leader in Korea.

  1. What are Ken Kitano’s characteristics?
    Ken Kitano is known for his incredible physical strength, determination, and unwavering loyalty. He is also portrayed as a hot-headed and impulsive person with a strong sense of justice.
  2. How does Ken Kitano get involved in the Korean underworld?
    After following his love interest, Yumin, who moves to Korea to become a police officer, Ken finds himself entangled in the Korean underworld. Starting from scratch, he forms his own gang and rises through the ranks through brute force and strategic alliances.
  3. Does Ken Kitano have any special skills or abilities?
    Although Ken Kitano doesn’t possess any supernatural abilities, his exceptional martial arts skills and physical strength make him a formidable fighter. He also displays strong leadership qualities and tactical thinking.
  4. What motivates Ken Kitano in the series?
    Ken Kitano’s main motivation is his love for Yumin. He is willing to go to great lengths and face countless challenges to protect her and prove his worthiness. He also wants to create a world where he can rise to the top, free from the corruption and injustice he has witnessed.
  5. Does Ken Kitano have any rivals or enemies?
    Yes, Ken Kitano encounters numerous rivals and enemies throughout the series. These include rival gang leaders, corrupt officials, and powerful criminal organizations that oppose his rise to power. Each encounter tests his resolve and pushes him to new limits.
  6. Is there any character development for Ken Kitano?
    Yes, Ken Kitano undergoes significant character development throughout Sun-Ken Rock. As he faces various trials and tribulations, he matures both emotionally and mentally. He learns valuable lessons about leadership, the consequences of his actions, and the true meaning of power.
  7. How does “Sun-Ken Rock” depict Ken Kitano’s journey?
    “Sun-Ken Rock” portrays Ken Kitano’s journey as a story of ambition, love and the pursuit of power. It delves into the complexity of his character, showing his growth, his struggles, and the sacrifices he makes along the way.