Ren Kaidou

Original Name 海棠 零
Romaji Name Kaidou Ren
Nicknames N/A
Series Super Lovers
Age 8 (Beginning), 16 (Current)
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth December 25
Blood Type N/A

Ren Kaidou from “Super Lovers”: A closer look at the character

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Ren Kaidou is portrayed as a hardworking, honest, and straightforward individual in the anime series “Super Lovers.” Despite his young age, Ren has a level of maturity that surpasses his peers. He dislikes being treated like a child, especially by Haru, and strives to assert his independence. Ren’s intelligence and above-average perception allow him to navigate the complexities of his life and adapt to his new surroundings in Japan. However, due to his complicated childhood and lack of memories of his biological parents, Ren maintains a certain naivety about the world.


Ren’s background in “Super Lovers” is shrouded in mystery. He was an orphan who was taken in by Haruko D. Dieckmann and developed a close bond with Haru Kaidou, Haruko’s son, during a summer visit. Ren became part of the Kaidou family and currently lives with Haru and his brothers, Aki and Shima. Despite his lack of memory of his biological parents, Ren has gradually adjusted to his life in Japan and has formed a strong emotional bond with his adoptive family.


Ren has a youthful appearance, consistent with his age in the series. He has a charming and innocent demeanor that complements his character. With his bright eyes and tousled dark hair, Ren exudes a sense of both vulnerability and strength. His physical appearance reflects his youthful energy and serves as a visual representation of his growth throughout the series.


While Ren’s abilities are not explicitly emphasized in the available sources, his character traits and experiences contribute to his overall development. Ren’s hardworking nature and determination make him resilient in the face of challenges. He has above average intelligence and perception for his age, allowing him to navigate complex situations and adapt to his surroundings. Ren’s strong emotional bond with Haru and his brothers further enhances his ability to connect with others and form meaningful relationships.


Ren Kaidou is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Super Lovers”. Created by Abe Miyuki, the series follows Ren’s journey as he adjusts to his new life after being taken in by the Kaidou family. The character has gained popularity among fans as his unique personality and growth arc resonate with viewers. Ren’s origin is in the fanciful world of “Super Lovers,” where his story unfolds alongside the other characters in the series.

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Ren Kaidou – FAQ

Who is Ren Kaidou?

Ren Kaidou is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Super Lovers”. He is a 17-year-old boy who was adopted by Haru Kaidou, the protagonist of the series. Ren is known for his unique personality and his strong bond with Haru.

What is the relationship between Ren and Haru Kaidou?

Ren is the adopted brother of Haru Kaidou. However, their relationship goes beyond that of siblings. Ren and Haru share a deep emotional connection and have a complex and evolving relationship throughout the series.

How old is Ren Kaidou?

Ren Kaidou is first introduced in “Super Lovers” as a 17-year-old boy. As the story progresses, his age advances and he undergoes character development.

What are Ren’s personality traits?

Ren is often described as innocent, energetic, and playful. He has a childlike demeanor and tends to be spontaneous in his actions. Ren is also fiercely loyal to his loved ones and shows great affection for Haru.

Does Ren have any special skills or talents?

No, Ren does not have any special abilities or talents beyond his unique personality. The series focuses primarily on the relationships and personal growth of the characters, rather than on supernatural or extraordinary abilities.

What is Ren’s role in the story?

Ren plays a significant role in the overall narrative of “Super Lovers. His presence serves as a catalyst for various character developments and conflicts within the series. Ren’s relationship with Haru and his journey of self-discovery are central themes explored throughout the story.