Shino Asada

Japanese Name 朝田 詩乃
Romaji Name Asada Shino
Nicknames Sinon, Sinonon, Hecate
Series Sword Art Online II
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Shino Asada, also known as Sinon, is a fictional character who appears in the anime and light novel series Sword Art Online II. She serves as one of the main characters in the Gun Gale Online (GGO) arc. Shino’s avatar name, Sinon, is widely known among players in GGO and Alfheim Online.


Shino Asada, or Sinon, has a calm and collected demeanor that has earned her the admiration of other female players. She is known for her level-headedness, especially in battle. However, Shino also has a fiery temper, which can be triggered by interactions with the protagonist, Kirito. Despite her sometimes aloof appearance, she is generally a kind person who is willing to help others in need.


Shino Asada first began playing GGO at the suggestion of her friend Shinkawa Kyouji. She turned to the virtual reality game as a way to confront and overcome her traumatic experiences with guns. The game served as a therapeutic outlet for her, allowing her to face her fears in a controlled environment. Through her journey in GGO, Shino not only grows as a skilled player, but also develops a closer bond with Kirito, the first person to make her truly angry.


In the virtual world of GGO, Shino Asada’s avatar, Sinon, has a striking appearance. She is often seen wearing a green cloak with a white breastplate and a black choker. She also wears a belted quiver across her shoulders. As the Sun Goddess Solus, Sinon’s avatar features a watercolor aesthetic, showcasing her unique presence in the virtual realm.


Shino Asada displays exceptional skills as a VRMMO player. In GGO, she specializes in long-range combat and is known for her marksmanship. Her weapon of choice is the PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II, a rare and powerful sniper rifle. Despite the weapon’s limitations, Shino’s skill allows her to hit targets from impressive distances. In Alfheim Online, she takes on the role of Cait Sith Archer and demonstrates her precision and accuracy.


Shino Asada’s character was introduced in the Gun Gale Online arc of the Sword Art Online II series. She made her debut as the first female player Kirito meets in GGO. Throughout her journey, she faces personal challenges, grows as a person, and forms meaningful relationships with other characters in the series. Shino’s character development and experiences in GGO contribute to the overarching narrative of the “Sword Art Online” series.
This information is based on the character profile available on and additional details from the “Sword Art Online II” series.

Shino Asada – FAQ

Who is Shino Asada?

Shino Asada, also known as Sinon, is a fictional character in the anime and light novel series Sword Art Online II. She is one of the main characters in the Gun Gale Online (GGO) story arc.

What is Shino Asada’s role in Sword Art Online II?

Shino Asada, or Sinon, is a skilled marksman and competitive player in the virtual reality game Gun Gale Online. She becomes one of the main allies of Kirito, the protagonist of “Sword Art Online,” as they face the challenges of GGO.

What is Shino Asada’s personality like?

Shino is initially portrayed as a reserved and introverted person due to a traumatic experience in her past. However, she is determined, strong-willed, and highly skilled at playing GGO. Over time, she develops a close friendship with Kirito and opens up more emotionally.

What is Shino Asada’s backstory?

Shino Asada’s backstory involves a traumatic incident in the real world where she accidentally shot a robber during a post office robbery. This event causes her to develop a fear of guns and a battle with PTSD. Her journey in GGO becomes a means for her to confront and overcome her fears.

Does Shino Asada have a romantic relationship?

While Shino Asada develops a close bond with Kirito, their relationship remains primarily platonic throughout the series. Shino’s character arc focuses more on personal growth and overcoming her fears than on romantic involvement.

What are Shino Asada’s special skills and abilities?

Shino Asada, or Sinon, is known for her exceptional marksmanship in Gun Gale Online. She has incredible accuracy and precision with long-range weapons and a keen eye for battle strategy. Her skills make her a formidable player in the virtual world of GGO.