Jade Curtiss

Original Name (Japanese): ジェイド・カーティス
Romaji Name: Jeido Kātisu
Nicknames: The Necromancer, Jade Balfour
Series: Tales of the Abyss
Age: 35
Weight: 68 kg (150 lbs)
Height: 180 cm (5’11”)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Jade Curtiss is known for his calm, collected demeanor and seemingly cheerful disposition, often smiling regardless of the situation. However, beneath his exterior lies a complex and enigmatic personality. He is highly intelligent and analytical, often using his wit and manipulation to his advantage. Despite his cold and calculating nature, Jade also displays a degree of self-awareness and remorse, especially regarding the tragic events of his past.


Jade’s early life was marked by tragedy and the development of his extraordinary skills in the Fonic Arts. As a child, he was highly skilled in casting Fonic Artes, surpassing even the abilities of adults. This earned him the nickname “the Necromancer” due to his propensity for using Fonic Artes to slay monsters. After the accidental death of his teacher, Dr. Nebilim, Jade was deeply affected by the experience and attempted to create a replica of her using Fomicry, the science he had pioneered. However, this attempt only resulted in the creation of a monstrous being that Jade was forced to destroy.

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Jade Curtiss is a tall, slender man with crimson eyes and long, dark hair, which he often wears tied back. As a colonel in the Malkuth Empire, he usually wears a military uniform, though he is occasionally seen in more casual attire. Jade’s refined and elegant appearance often belies his true nature as a cunning and manipulative individual.


A colonel in the Malkuth military, Jade is a skilled fighter who wields lances with great skill. However, his true strength lies in his mastery of the Fonic Arts, which he uses to devastating effect in battle. Considered a genius in the field, Jade has pioneered the science of Fomicry and has demonstrated a deep understanding of the fundamental principles of the Fonons that govern the world of Auldrant.


Jade Curtiss, originally known as Jade Balfour, was born in the city of Keterburg. His exceptional abilities in the Fonic Arts were recognized at a young age, leading to his adoption into the prestigious Curtiss family and his subsequent rise through the ranks of the Malkuth military. Jade’s personal history, marked by tragedy and a deep-seated desire to understand the nature of life and death, has shaped him into the complex and enigmatic character he is today.

Jade Curtiss – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Jade Curtiss from “Tales of the Abyss”:

Who is Jade Curtiss?

Jade Curtiss is a main character in the video game “Tales of the Abyss”. He is a Colonel in the Malkuth Imperial Forces and a specialist in the Fonic Arts, known as the “Necromancer” for his advanced knowledge of fonology and his ability to reanimate the dead.

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What is Jade’s background?

Born in the Ceramic Kingdom, Jade is the nephew of Emperor Peony IX of the Malkuth Empire. He studied under Professor Nebilim and became a prodigy in the field of phonology. However, an accident during his studies led to Nebilim’s death, traumatizing Jade and causing him to develop a cynical and sarcastic personality.

What are Jade’s main skills and fighting style?

Jade is an exceptionally skilled Fonic Arts user, capable of casting a wide variety of offensive and support spells. In battle, he primarily uses his knowledge of Fonology to strategically control the flow of battle. His fighting style involves keeping his distance from enemies and carefully coordinating his spells and team support abilities.

How does Jade’s past influence his character development?

Jade’s traumatic experience with Nebilim’s death has left him with a jaded, emotionally distant personality. He often makes sarcastic remarks and hides his true feelings behind an aloof facade. Over the course of the story, however, Jade gradually opens up and comes to care for the party members, ultimately finding redemption for his past mistakes.

What is Jade’s role in the overall plot of Tales of the Abyss?

Jade serves as an important ally and advisor to the party throughout their journey. His expertise in fonology and his connections within the Malkuth Empire make him an invaluable resource in unraveling the mysteries surrounding the score and the replication program. Jade’s actions and decisions also have a significant impact on the game’s climactic events and resolution.

How do the other party members view and interact with Jade?

At first, the other party members are often confused or intimidated by Jade’s aloof and sarcastic demeanor. However, they gradually come to appreciate his intelligence, skill, and hidden compassion. Jade, in turn, develops a fondness for the Party and becomes protective of them, though he retains his trademark sarcasm. His interactions with the party, especially with Luke and Anise, are often a source of humor and character development in the story.