Tear Grants

Original Name ティア・グランツ
Romaji Name Tia Gurantsu
Nicknames Tear-chan, Tear-sama
Series Tales of the Abyss
Age 16
Weight 50 kg
Height 162 cm
Date of Birth December 1, 2002
Blood Type Unknown


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A protagonist of “Tales of the Abyss”.


Tear Grants, a key character in the popular video game “Tales of the Abyss,” has a somewhat aloof demeanor that stems from her mentor, Legretta the Quick, one of the Six God Generals. She is known for her cold, incisive, and calculating nature. However, despite her outwardly reserved nature, Tear has a soft spot for all things cute and fluffy, including the adorable Mieu, the bearer of the Wizard’s Ring. She also has a romantic interest in the game’s protagonist, Luke fon Fabre, though Luke himself remains oblivious to her feelings. Tear is modest about her own body and tends to avoid revealing too much. She is also afraid of ghosts, as evidenced by her reactions to certain encounters.


Tear Grants comes from a unique and tragic background. She comes from Yulia City and is a member of the Fende family, who originally lived on the island of Hod. However, the island was destroyed during the Hod War, causing great devastation. Tear’s mother was pregnant with her at the time, and both her mother and her older brother, Van, were taken to the miasma-filled world beneath Auldrant’s crust known as the Qliphoth. Tear was raised by Van, who later became the Commander of the God Generals, and her adopted grandfather, Mayor Teodoro of Yulia City.
Occupation and Skills:
As a member of the Order of Lorelei, Tear serves as a Locrian Sergeant in the Intelligence Division of the Oracle Knights, a section of the Oracle of Lorelei responsible for overseeing the score. Tear is a Seventh Fonist, possessing the ability to use the Seventh Fonon. Unlike other Seventh Fonists, she is the only known individual, other than Yulia, the original Fonist, who can use the Grand Fonic Hymn. This set of seven Fonic Hymns grants its recipient increased statistics, making them nearly invincible for a limited time. Tear specializes in casting unique spells known as Fonic Hymns, while her weapon of choice is a staff.


Tear Grants is a young woman who stands 162 cm tall and weighs 50 kg. She has long, flowing blue hair and striking blue eyes. Her appearance is often characterized by a calm and collected expression, reflecting her reserved nature. Tear’s clothing typically consists of a distinctive white outfit with blue accents, symbolizing her affiliation with the Order of Lorelei and the Knights of the Oracle.


Tear Grant’s journey in “Tales of the Abyss” begins when she discovers Van’s sinister plot to destroy the main world. Commissioned by Grand Maestro Mohs, Tear embarks on a quest to find the Seventh Fonstone, which leads her to cross paths with the game’s protagonist, Luke fon Fabre. As their fates become intertwined, Tear and Luke find themselves in enemy territory, facing various challenges and becoming embroiled in a plot that threatens the world of Auldrant.
Tear Grants is a complex and compelling character in Tales of the Abyss. Her intriguing background, unique abilities, and evolving relationships make her a beloved figure in the game’s story, captivating players with her journey of self-discovery, romance, and the pursuit of justice.

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Tear Grants – FAQ

Who is Tear Grants?

Tear Grants is a fictional character from the role-playing video game Tales of the Abyss. She is one of the main protagonists and a key member of the party.

What is Tear Grants’ role in Tales of the Abyss?

Tear Grants is a playable character and spellcaster in Tales of the Abyss. She is a Seventh Fonist, capable of using the powerful arts of the Seventh Fonon.

What are Tear Grants’ personality traits?

Tear Grants is initially portrayed as calm, serious, and focused. She is often seen as stoic and reserved, but she cares deeply for her friends and is determined to complete her mission. As the game progresses, Tear’s character evolves, revealing her vulnerability and emotional depth.

What is Tear Grant’s backstory?

Tear Grants hails from the Kingdom of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, where she is a member of the prestigious Grants family. She is the younger sister of Natalia L.K. Lanvaldear, the Princess of Kimlasca. Tear joins the party to fulfill a mission related to her mother’s death and the world-threatening events of the game.

What are Tear Grant’s skills and abilities?

Tear Grants is a skilled spellcaster who specializes in the use of the Seventh Fonon. She can cast offensive and defensive spells, heal party members, and provide support in combat. Tear is also proficient with a bow and arrow as her primary weapon.

Does Tear Grants have any notable relationships with other characters?

Yes, Tear Grants forms significant relationships with several characters in Tales of the Abyss. She shares a complex bond with the main protagonist, Luke fon Fabre, as they both have ties to the game’s central conflict. Tear also develops close friendships with other party members, such as Jade Curtiss and Anise Tatlin, throughout her journey.