Dera Mochimazzi

Original Name デラ・モチマッヅィ
Romaji Name Dera Mochimazzi
Nicknames Dera-chan, Mochi
Series Tamako Market
Age Unknown
Weight Varies
Height Varies
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


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The charming bird from “Tamako Market


Dera Mochimazzi, also known as Dera “Tori” Mochimazzi, is a charming character from the anime series “Tamako Market”. This bird has a unique personality that adds a touch of humor and liveliness to the show. Dera speaks in Japanese with a slightly bossy tone, which often leads to amusing interactions with the other characters. Despite his sometimes overbearing demeanor, Dera is a friendly and affectionate bird who forms deep bonds with those around him.


Dera Mochimazzi is introduced as a noble servant from a tropical land on a mission to find a bride for his prince. However, his journey takes an unexpected turn when he ends up in Tamako’s home. The vibrant and bustling shopping district of Usagiyama becomes his temporary home, and he quickly becomes an integral part of the community. Dera’s background as a distinguished bird from a distant land adds an air of mystery and intrigue to his character.


Dera Mochimazzi is a visually striking character with a unique design. He is depicted as a colorful and plump bird with predominantly white feathers. His head is adorned with a crown-like crest and a pair of elegant feathers, giving him a regal appearance. Dera’s large round eyes and expressive features add to his charm and comedic on-screen presence.


While Dera Mochimazzi does not possess any extraordinary powers or abilities, he does bring his own set of talents to the table. One of his most notable abilities is his ability to speak fluent Japanese, despite being a bird. This linguistic ability often surprises and entertains those around him. Dera’s charismatic presence and knack for comedic timing make him a scene-stealer, providing comedic relief throughout the series.

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Dera Mochimazzi’s origin as a noble bird from a tropical place adds a fascinating layer to his character. The details of his homeland and the purpose of his mission are gradually revealed throughout the series, adding depth to his backstory. The juxtaposition of his exotic origins with the everyday setting of Usagiyama creates an interesting dynamic and serves as a catalyst for various comedic and heartwarming moments.

Dera Mochimazzi – FAQ

Who is Dera Mochimazzi in “Tamako Market”?

Dera Mochimazzi is a character from the anime series “Tamako Market”. He is a talking bird from a distant island called Usagiyama who comes to the town of Usagiyama to find a bride for his prince.

What is the role of Dera Mochimazzi in “Tamako Market”?

Dera Mochimazzi serves as a comedic character and provides comic relief in the series. He often finds himself in humorous and embarrassing situations due to his size and flamboyant personality.

Why does Dera Mochimazzi speak in a formal, old-fashioned manner?

Dera Mochimazzi speaks in a formal and old-fashioned manner because he comes from a noble background on the island of Usagiyama. His way of speaking reflects his upbringing and serves to emphasize his noble status.

What are some memorable characteristics of Dera Mochimazzi?

Dera Mochimazzi is known for his large size, vibrant plumage, and extravagant fashion sense. He has a voracious appetite and loves to eat mochi, often causing comical scenes with his insatiable hunger.

Does Dera Mochimazzi have any special powers?

Dera Mochimazzi does not have any special abilities. However, he can use his wings to fly, although his size makes him a bit clumsy and comical.

Will Dera Mochimazzi fulfill his mission to find a bride for his prince?

Throughout the series, Dera Mochimazzi’s attempts to find a bride for his prince are mostly comical and unsuccessful. Despite his efforts, he becomes attached to the people of Usagiyama and develops a fondness for the town.