Kokoro Akechi

Original Name 明智 小衣
Romaji Name Akechi Kokoro
Nicknames Koko-chan
Series Tantei Opera Milky Holmes
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified


Kokoro Akechi, a character from “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes”, is portrayed as a genius and bossy girl with a distinctive personality. She has a condescending attitude towards the members of Milky Holmes, especially after they lose their toys. Kokoro often refers to Sherlock as “Koko-chan” and frequently hits her with a golden mask to show her annoyance with her. She boasts of her massive IQ and claims to have graduated from Harvard at the age of 13. Despite her arrogant attitude, Kokoro is a highly intelligent and capable individual.

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In the world of “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes”, Kokoro Akechi serves as the leader of Genius 4 (also known as G4), a police investigation unit. Not much information is given about her background, but she is known for her exceptional intelligence and detective skills. Her character name, Kokoro Akechi, is based on Edogawa Rampo’s Kogoro Akechi, a famous fictional detective.


Kokoro Akechi is portrayed as an attractive character with a strong sense of fashion. She often wears retro-style clothing, with an emphasis on tights and pantyhose to accentuate her appearance. Her overall aesthetic exudes confidence and sophistication, reflecting her bossy and superior personality.


A highly intelligent character, Kokoro Akechi possesses exceptional deductive and investigative skills. Her prodigious intellect allows her to solve complex cases and outsmart her opponents. She is known for her keen observation and analytical thinking, which contribute to her success as a detective. Kokoro’s leadership skills are evident in her role as head of G4, where she effectively guides and directs her team members.


Kokoro Akechi originates from the anime and manga series “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes”. Created by Bushiroad and released in 2010, the series revolves around a group of young girls known as Milky Holmes who possess special powers and work together to solve mysteries and crimes. Kokoro plays a major supporting role in the series, representing the rival detective team G4. Her character brings a dynamic element to the narrative, adding tension and rivalry between the two groups.
Through her portrayal as a genius detective with a bossy personality, Kokoro Akechi contributes to the overall charm and intrigue of “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes”. Her interactions with other characters, especially Sherlock, create amusing and entertaining moments within the series.

Kokoro Akechi – FAQ

Who is Kokoro Akechi?

Kokoro Akechi is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes”. She is one of the main characters and a member of the Milky Holmes detective team.

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What are Kokoro Akechi’s special skills?

Kokoro Akechi has the ability to manipulate fire. She can create and control flames and use them for offensive and defensive purposes. Her fiery powers make her a formidable member of the Milky Holmes team.

What is Kokoro Akechi’s personality like?

Kokoro Akechi is known for her passionate and energetic personality. She is often full of enthusiasm and determination, especially when it comes to solving mysteries. She can be impulsive at times, but is always driven by her desire to protect and help others.

What does Kokoro Akechi bring to the Milky Holmes team?

Kokoro Akechi is a vital member of the Milky Holmes team. Her fiery powers not only provide offensive capabilities, but also prove useful in investigations. She uses her skills to uncover clues, create distractions, and overcome obstacles, making her a valuable asset to the team.

Does Kokoro Akechi have any significant relationships with other characters?

Kokoro Akechi shares a close bond with her fellow Milky Holmes members, Sherlock Shellingford, Nero Yuzurizaki, and Hercule Barton. They form a tight-knit group and rely on each other’s strengths to solve mysteries. Kokoro also has a friendly rivalry with her counterpart, Arsene, who is a phantom thief.

Are there any significant story arcs or character developments for Kokoro Akechi?

Throughout the “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes” series, Kokoro Akechi goes through various character developments. She learns to better control her fiery powers and becomes more strategic in her approach to solving mysteries. She also develops a deeper understanding of teamwork and the importance of relying on her friends.