Saku Tooyama

Original Name 遠山 咲
Romaji Name Tōyama Saku
Nicknames N/A
Series Tantei Opera Milky Holmes
Age 16
Height 156 cm
Weight 41 kg
Date of Birth April 9
Blood Type N/A


Saku Tooyama is described as a soft-spoken girl with a penchant for retro technology. She appears to be quite introverted, often keeping to herself and observing her surroundings. Despite her quiet demeanor, she is a member of the “Genius Four” group, suggesting that she possesses remarkable abilities.


Not much is known about Saku’s personal background, as details are not provided in the available sources. However, her name is said to be based on the historical figure Tooyama Kagemoto.

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Saku has a petite, youthful appearance with a slender build. She has long, wavy blonde hair with bangs that frame her face. Saku is often seen wearing headphones, reflecting her interest in technology. Her character design suggests a somewhat understated, elegant aesthetic.


As a member of the “Genius Four” group, Saku is believed to possess exceptional talents or skills, though the specific nature of her abilities is not clearly defined. Her affinity for retro technology may indicate that she has an expertise or aptitude in that area.


Saku Tooyama is a character from the anime series “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes”. She is one of the main supporting characters in the series, though her exact role and importance in the overall narrative is not fully explored in the available information.

Saku Tooyama – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Saku Tooyama from “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes”:

Who is Saku Tooyama?

Saku Tooyama is one of the four main characters of the anime series “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes”. She is a member of the detective team known as Milky Holmes, which consists of four young female detective trainees who attend the Yokohama Dandelion Academy.

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What is Saku Tooyama’s role in Milky Holmes?

Saku Tooyama’s role in Milky Holmes is that of the group’s detective. She uses her keen powers of observation and deductive reasoning to investigate cases and solve mysteries. She is often considered the most level-headed and pragmatic member of the team.

What are Saku Tooyama’s special skills?

Saku Tooyama possesses an ability called “Analytic,” which allows her to quickly assess a situation and determine the most logical course of action. This ability makes her invaluable to the Milky Holmes team as they take on various challenges and investigations.

How does Saku Tooyama interact with the other members of Milky Holmes?

Saku has a somewhat strained but loving relationship with the other members of Milky Holmes. She often has to rein in the more impulsive behavior of her teammates, Sherlock, Nero, and Hercule, while at the same time encouraging and supporting their growth as detectives. Despite their differences, the four work well together as a team.

What is Saku Tooyama’s backstory?

Saku Tooyama comes from a family of accomplished detectives, and she was trained from a young age to follow in their footsteps. Her strong sense of justice and dedication to her craft are an important part of her character. However, details of her specific family history and upbringing are not extensively explored in the series.

How does Saku Tooyama develop over the course of the series?

Throughout the events of “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes,” Saku Tooyama undergoes a gradual character development. While she starts out as the most competent and level-headed member of the team, she slowly learns to be more trusting and open to the unique strengths of her teammates. She also gains a greater appreciation for the importance of teamwork and friendship in solving cases.