Hina Amano

Japanese Name 天野 陽菜
Romaji Name Amano Hina
Nicknames 100% sunshine girl
Series Tenki no Ko (Weathering With You)
Age 17-18
Weight N/A
Height 160 cm
Date of Birth August 22
Blood Type N/A

Hina Amano of “Tenki no Ko”: A closer look at the protagonist

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Hina Amano, the protagonist of the anime “Tenki no Ko” (Weathering With You), is portrayed as a cheerful, robust, and strong-willed young woman. Despite the challenges in her life, she maintains a positive outlook and shows unwavering determination. Hina demonstrates deep family ties as she cares for her younger brother, Nagi Amane, after their mother’s death.


Hina, a high school student, possesses an unusual supernatural power: the ability to manipulate the weather and dive into the sky. She lives in a shrine with her brother and leads a lively and joyful life. Hina meets Hodaka Morishima, a high school freshman and journalist who works for a mysterious occult magazine. Together, they embark on a journey to provide “clear weather” services through their website.


Hina is depicted as a young woman of average build and height, with fair skin and light blue eyes. She has long, straight, blue-tinted black hair tied back in two low ponytails with black hair bands. Hina’s fashion sense includes a gray hoodie over a pink tank top, paired with either navy blue shorts or a pink skirt. She wears a blue stone necklace and carries a small dark gray canvas backpack.


Hina’s remarkable ability to manipulate the weather is what sets her apart. She can cause changes in atmospheric conditions, controlling rain, sunshine, and other meteorological phenomena. In addition, Hina possesses the extraordinary power to dive into the sky, allowing her to explore the celestial realm. However, it turns out that the more she uses her powers, the weaker she becomes.


Hina’s journey begins when she meets Hodaka and teams up with him to provide weather-altering services. Their partnership leads them on an adventure full of twists and turns as they face personal challenges and the consequences of Hina’s powers. Throughout the movie, Hina’s character evolves, demonstrating resilience and an indomitable spirit.
In “Tenki no Ko,” Hina Amano emerges as a compelling and multi-dimensional character. Her supernatural abilities, coupled with her vibrant personality, contribute to the movie’s compelling narrative. As viewers follow Hina’s journey, they witness her strength, determination, and the profound impact she has on the lives of those around her.

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Hina Amano – FAQ

Who is Hina Amano?

Hina Amano is one of the main characters in the anime movie “Tenki no Ko”, also known as “Weathering With You”. She is a young girl who has the ability to control the weather.

What is Hina’s role in “Tenki no Ko”?

Hina plays a central role in the story as the love interest of the protagonist and the key to controlling the weather. She helps the main character, Hodaka Morishima, discover and use her unique weather-changing abilities.

How does Hina control the weather?

Hina has the power to manipulate and control the weather. She can summon clear skies, stop rain, and even create rays of sunlight. By praying and making offerings to the heavens, Hina is able to influence the weather patterns in her surroundings.

What is Hina’s personality like?

Hina is portrayed as a kind, selfless, and optimistic girl. She has a strong sense of responsibility and cares deeply for her family. Despite facing adversity, Hina remains determined and resilient, always striving to bring happiness to those around her.

What challenges does Hina face in the film?

In the film, Hina faces several challenges. She struggles with the burden of her weather-controlling abilities and the consequences that come with them. She also grapples with the moral implications of using her powers for personal gain and the sacrifices she must make to protect her loved ones.

What is the relationship between Hina and Hodaka?

Hina and Hodaka develop a close relationship over the course of the film. At first, Hodaka seeks Hina’s help in controlling the weather for his own personal gain. However, as they spend more time together, their relationship deepens and Hodaka falls in love with Hina. They support and rely on each other as they face the challenges that come their way.

Does Hina have any connection to Makoto Shinkai’s previous movie “Your Name”?

While “Tenki no Ko” and “Your Name” share thematic similarities and were both directed by Makoto Shinkai, Hina Amano has no direct connection to “Your Name”. The characters and plots of the two movies are separate and independent.