R. Dorothy Wayneright

Original Name (Japanese): R・ドロシー・ウェインライト
Romanized Name: R. Doroshī Wēnraito
Nicknames: Dorothy
Series: The Big O
Age: Unknown (appears to be in her late teens/early 20s)
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown (as an android, she does not have a blood type)


R. Dorothy Wayneright is an android assistant to Roger Smith in the anime series “The Big O”. She is described as unsociable and unemotional, as she is unable to feel human emotions. However, she is highly analytical and often provides Roger with unbiased opinions on various matters, allowing him to better understand her complexity.


Dorothy was created by Timothy Wayneright, a wealthy scientist, to resemble his late daughter Dorothy Soldano. She was later revealed to be an android, not the real Dorothy. Nevertheless, she decides to move in with Roger Smith and helps Norman with chores in exchange for Roger’s help.

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R. Dorothy Wayneright has a human-like appearance, with a slender build and long, dark hair. She often wears a maid-like outfit consisting of a white blouse, black skirt, and apron. Her most distinctive feature is the glowing CD-ROM drive on her forehead, which is loaded from a drawer in her head.


As an android, R. Dorothy Wayneright has enhanced physical abilities such as superhuman strength and endurance. She is also highly intelligent and analytical, able to provide Roger with unbiased opinions on various matters. In addition, she can play a fast piece of Chopin to wake Roger if he falls asleep.


R. Dorothy Wayneright was created by Timothy Wayneright, a wealthy scientist, to resemble his deceased daughter Dorothy Soldano. She was later revealed to be an android, not the real Dorothy Soldano. Her creation was commissioned by Timothy Wayneright, making him her “father” rather than the real Dorothy’s biological father, Miguel Soldano.

R. Dorothy Wayneright – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about R. Dorothy Wayneright from “The Big O”:

Who is R. Dorothy Wayneright?

R. Dorothy Wayneright is an android and one of the main characters in the anime series “The Big O”. She is a highly advanced android created by the powerful Paradigm Corporation to serve as a companion and assistant to the series’ protagonist, Roger Smith.

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What are Dorothy’s main abilities and characteristics?

Dorothy has superhuman strength, speed, and intelligence. She is highly logical and analytical, and often acts as a voice of reason to counteract Roger’s impulsiveness. She also has the ability to hack into computer systems and is knowledgeable about the mysterious history and technology of Paradigm City.

What is the relationship between Dorothy and Roger Smith?

Dorothy and Roger have a complex and evolving relationship. While they begin as reluctant partners, they develop a deep bond of trust and understanding over the course of the series. Dorothy comes to care deeply for Roger, even as she struggles to understand and express her own emotions as an android.

What is Dorothy’s role in the overall story of The Big O?

Dorothy plays a pivotal role in unraveling the mysteries of Paradigm City and the events that led to the city’s collective amnesia. She helps Roger uncover the city’s dark secrets and the shadowy forces that control it, all while grappling with her own identity and purpose as an android.

How does Dorothy’s character develop throughout the series?

Over the course of The Big O, Dorothy undergoes significant character development. She gradually becomes more emotionally expressive and empathetic, while maintaining her logical and analytical approach to problem solving. Her relationship with Roger also deepens and becomes more central to the overall narrative.

What is the significance of Dorothy’s name and character design?

The name “R. Dorothy Wayneright” is a reference to the classic movie “The Wizard of Oz,” with “R.” standing for “Rosewater,” the character’s last name. Dorothy’s character design, with her pale skin, dark hair and striking red eyes, also evokes a sense of otherworldliness and mystery, reflecting her android nature and the complex themes of the series.