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Tian Guan Cifu

Lian Xie

Japanese Name 谢怜 (シェ・リィン) Romaji Name Xie Lian Nicknames Flower Crown Martial God, His Highness Who Pleased The Gods, Hua Xie Series Tian Guan Cifu (Heaven’s Official Blessing) Age Varies throughout the series Weight Varies throughout the series Height Varies throughout the series Date of Birth Unknown Blood Type Unknown Lian Xie A Character Analysis […]

Cheng Hua

Original Name 花 城 Romaji Name Hua Cheng Nicknames San Lang, Crimson Rain Sought Flower Series Tian Guan Cifu Age Not specified Weight Not specified Height Not specified Date of Birth June 10 Blood Type Not specified Cheng Hua The mysterious character from “Tian Guan Cifu”. Personality Cheng Hua, also known as San Lang or […]