Qingxuan Shi

Original Name 师青玄
Romaji Name Shi Qingxuan
Nicknames Lord Wind Master Qingxuan, Lady Wind Master, The Young Lord Who Pours Wine
Series Tian Guan Cifu
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified

Qingxuan Shi of “Tian Guan Cifu”: A Closer Look at the Wind Master

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Qingxuan Shi, also known as Lord Wind Master Qingxuan, is a character from the Tian Guan Cifu series. He is portrayed as a kind, caring and compassionate individual who is full of life. Qingxuan has a mischievous nature and often enjoys teasing and messing with others, though never with malicious intent. While he tends to falter under pressure, sometimes going crazy and laughing uncontrollably, Qingxuan overcomes his fears when his friends need him and accomplishes what he sets out to do. He is known for his friendly and popular demeanor, easily befriending Heavenly Officials and humans regardless of their status. Xie Lian describes him as someone who naturally draws others to him because of his charisma.


Qingxuan Shi is one of the Five Elemental Masters of the Heavenly Court. He is the younger brother of Shi Wudu and is also known as “The Young Lord Who Pours Wine”. Despite his youthful appearance, Qingxuan plays an important role in the Heavenly Court and is respected for his mastery of wind-related skills.


Qingxuan Shi has a graceful and elegant appearance, with clear, bright eyes that reflect his spirited nature. He is often seen wearing white clothing, which adds to his ethereal and pure aesthetic. Qingxuan has the ability to transform into a woman and is often worshipped as a female version of himself. For this reason, he has been given the nickname “Lady Wind Master”.


As the Wind Master, Qingxuan Shi has remarkable control over wind-related abilities. He can manipulate and command the wind with great precision. His mastery of this element allows him to create powerful gusts, gentle breezes, and everything in between. Qingxuan’s abilities are not only useful in combat, but also in various other aspects such as transportation and communication.


Qingxuan Shi comes from the series “Tian Guan Cifu”. Created by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, the series follows the adventures of various characters within the Heavenly Court, exploring their relationships, responsibilities, and personal growth. Qingxuan Shi’s role as the Wind Master demonstrates his importance within the hierarchy of the Heavenly Court, and his interactions with other characters shape the narrative of the series.

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The provided information is based on the character profile of Qingxuan Shi from MyAnimeList.net and may contain spoilers for the series “Tian Guan Cifu”. For more details and a full understanding of the character, it is recommended to explore the original source material or watch the anime adaptation.

Qingxuan Shi – FAQ

Who is Qingxuan Shi?

Qingxuan Shi is a character from the Chinese web novel “Tian Guan Cifu” (Heaven’s Official Blessing) written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. He is one of the main characters of the story.

What is Qingxuan Shi’s background?

Qingxuan Shi is a prince of the Xian Le Kingdom. He is the younger brother of the current king and the uncle of the crown prince.

What are Qingxuan Shi’s abilities?

Qingxuan Shi possesses exceptional swordsmanship skills and is known for his mastery of the Moonlight Sword technique. He is also well-versed in various forms of martial arts and possesses a formidable level of spiritual power.

What is Qingxuan Shi’s personality like?

Qingxuan Shi is often described as calm, composed, and intelligent. He is known for his analytical mind and strategic thinking. Despite his reserved nature, he is fiercely protective of his loved ones and fiercely loyal to his country.

What is Qingxuan Shi’s role in the story?

Qingxuan Shi plays a pivotal role in the events of “Tian Guan Cifu”. He becomes involved in a complex political struggle within the Xian Le Kingdom and becomes a key ally of the story’s other main character, Xie Lian. Together, they overcome the challenges they face and work to restore stability and peace to their land.

Does Qingxuan Shi have a romantic relationship?

In “Tian Guan Cifu”, Qingxuan Shi develops a deep affection and romantic relationship with another main character, Xie Lian. Their relationship goes through various trials and tribulations throughout the story, and their bond plays an essential role in the development of the narrative.