Yui Kotegawa

Original Name 古手川 唯
Romaji Name Kotegawa Yui
Nicknames None
Series To LOVE-Ru
Age 16
Weight 51 kg
Height 162 cm
Date of Birth May 3
Blood Type Unknown



A closer look at the character from “To LOVE-Ru


Yui Kotegawa, a character from the anime and manga series “To LOVE-Ru,” is portrayed as a conservative and disciplined individual. At first, she is portrayed as being stricter than her peers and taking her responsibilities as a student seriously. Yui’s cautious nature stems from her upbringing and her brother’s playboy tendencies. She values order and strives to make her school a more peaceful and harmonious place. However, as the series progresses, Yui gradually loosens up and becomes more open-minded. Despite her reserved personality, she eventually becomes part of Rito’s harem and develops feelings for him.


Yui Kotegawa is a student in Rito’s class and plays a supporting role throughout the “To LOVE-Ru” series. Not much is revealed about her family or personal history in the story. However, it is mentioned that her conservative nature might have been influenced by her brother’s behavior with various girls. This background contributes to Yui’s initial reservations and strict attitude towards others.


Yui Kotegawa is depicted as a young girl with long, black hair and a well-groomed appearance. She is 162 cm tall and has a slender figure. Her physical attributes are emphasized by her BWH measurements of 88-59-87 cm. Yui’s design reflects her conservative personality, as her hairstyle and clothing choices are modest compared to other characters in the series.


As for her abilities, Yui Kotegawa has no supernatural powers or extraordinary skills. Rather, her strengths lie in her determination, discipline, and dedication to maintaining order. Yui’s strict nature and leadership skills make her an effective enforcer of the school’s rules. She demonstrates her skills by actively participating in various events and taking charge when necessary.


Yui Kotegawa is from the anime and manga series “To LOVE-Ru”, created by Saki Hasemi and Kentaro Yabuki. The character’s development and portrayal is consistent throughout the series. Yui’s interactions with other characters, especially Rito Yuuki, contribute to the overall narrative and character dynamics within the story.
Throughout the “To LOVE-Ru” series, Yui Kotegawa undergoes significant character growth, transitioning from a strict and reserved individual to one who is more open-minded and willing to explore her feelings. Her contrasting personality traits provide an interesting dynamic within the story, making her a memorable character for fans of the series. Whether enforcing rules or navigating her own emotions, Yui’s presence adds depth to the world of To LOVE-Ru.

Yui Kotegawa – FAQ

Who is Yui Kotegawa?

Yui Kotegawa is a character from the manga and anime series “To LOVE-Ru”. She is a high school student and the class president of Sainan High School. Yui is known for her strict and disciplined personality.

What is Yui Kotegawa’s role in “To LOVE-Ru”?

Yui Kotegawa is a supporting character in “To LOVE-Ru”. She first appears as a member of the disciplinary committee who is strict and often clashes with the main protagonist, Rito Yuuki. As the series progresses, Yui becomes increasingly involved in the supernatural events and romantic entanglements surrounding Rito and his alien companions.

What are Yui Kotegawa’s personality traits?

Yui Kotegawa is known for her strict, serious, and disciplined personality. She values order and rules, and often acts as the voice of reason among the characters. Yui is also shown to be caring and protective of her friends and has a strong sense of justice.

Does Yui Kotegawa have any special powers?

No, Yui Kotegawa does not have any special abilities or powers in “To LOVE-Ru”. She is a normal human character with extraordinary discipline and intelligence.

What is the relationship between Yui Kotegawa and Rito Yuuki?

Yui Kotegawa has a strained relationship with Rito Yuuki in the beginning. She often scolds him for his perceived lack of discipline and his involvement in various comical and embarrassing situations. However, as the series progresses, Yui’s feelings for Rito become more complex and she develops romantic feelings for him.

Are there any notable moments involving Yui Kotegawa in “To LOVE-Ru”?

Yes, there are several notable moments involving Yui Kotegawa in “To LOVE-Ru”. Some examples include her interactions with Rito and her struggle to maintain her disciplined persona while dealing with the chaotic situations caused by Rito and his alien companions. In addition, her evolving relationship with Rito and her internal conflict between her strict personality and her romantic feelings provide significant character development for Yui.