Ken Kaneki

Original Name 金木 研
Romaji Name Kaneki Ken
Nicknames Centipede, Dragon, Eyepatch, The Black Reaper, One-Eyed King, One-Eyed Ghoul
Series Tokyo Ghoul
Age 18 (Pre-Aogiri), 19 (Post-Aogiri), 22-23 (Tokyo Ghoul:re)
Weight 55 kg (Pre-Aogiri), 58 kg (Post-Aogiri)
Height 169 cm (Pre-Aogiri), 169.5 cm (Post-Aogiri), 170 cm (Tokyo Ghoul:re)
Date of Birth December 20
Blood Type AB

Ken Kaneki is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the anime and manga series “Tokyo Ghoul”. Created by Sui Ishida, Ken Kaneki’s complex and compelling story has captivated fans worldwide. This article provides an overview of Ken Kaneki, including his personality, background, appearance, abilities, and origin.

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Ken Kaneki’s personality undergoes significant changes throughout the series, reflecting the intense and often traumatic events he experiences. He is initially portrayed as a shy and bookish individual with a strong sense of empathy. He values his relationships with others and strives to maintain a sense of humanity even after becoming a ghoul. Kaneki is introspective and contemplative, often struggling with moral dilemmas and questioning his own identity. As the story progresses, he becomes more determined, resilient, and willing to confront the darkness within himself.


Ken Kaneki’s story is one of tragedy and transformation.


ally a human, his life takes a drastic turn when he encounters a female ghoul named Kamishiro Rize. After a violent attack by Rize, Kaneki undergoes emergency surgery involving a ghoul organ transplant. This procedure inadvertently turns him into a half-human, half-ghoul hybrid. Kaneki’s journey thereafter involves navigating the dual nature of his existence, straddling the line between the human and ghoul worlds.


Ken Kaneki initially appears as an average-looking young man with black hair. However, after enduring intense physical and psychological trauma, his hair turns white. This transformation becomes a distinctive visual feature associated with his development and growth as a character. As a ghoul, Kaneki also possesses a unique organ called a kagune, which manifests as a powerful weapon in battle.


As a result of the ghoul organ transplant, Ken Kaneki gains several supernatural abilities. These include increased strength, speed, and regenerative abilities. His kagune, a predatory appendage that sprouts from his back, allows him to engage in combat with other ghouls. Kaneki’s kagune initially takes the form of a distinctive centipede, which later evolves into different variations as his powers develop. He also possesses a keen intellect and is adept at strategic thinking, making him a formidable opponent in battle.

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Ken Kaneki’s origin story is closely tied to the world of ghouls and the clandestine activities that take place within it. His transformation into a half-ghoul is the result of a ghoul organ transplant performed by Dr. Kanou. This event sets in motion a chain of events that exposes Kaneki to the grim realities of ghoul society and its conflicts with the human world. Throughout the series, Kaneki becomes entangled in the power struggles between various factions and wrestles with his own identity as he struggles to find his place in this complex and dangerous world.
In conclusion, Ken Kaneki is a complex and multifaceted character in the “Tokyo Ghoul” series. His journey from ordinary human to half-ghoul hybrid is marked by personal growth, moral dilemmas, and the constant struggle to maintain his humanity. As a protagonist, Kaneki’s transformation and evolution serve as a compelling exploration of identity, power, and the blurred lines between good and evil in a dark and unforgiving world.

Ken Kaneki – FAQ

Who is Ken Kaneki?

Ken Kaneki is the protagonist of the manga and anime series “Tokyo Ghoul”. He starts out as a normal university student until he becomes a half-ghoul after an encounter with a ghoul named Rize Kamishiro.

What is a ghoul in Tokyo Ghoul?

Ghouls in “Tokyo Ghoul” are supernatural creatures that resemble humans but must consume human flesh to survive. They have enhanced physical abilities and unique powers, such as kagune, which are appendages that can be used as weapons.

How does Ken Kaneki become a half-ghoul?

After a near-fatal accident, Ken Kaneki receives an organ transplant from Rize Kamishiro, who was a ghoul. The transplant turns him into a half-ghoul, as he gains some of Rize’s ghoul abilities while retaining his human appearance.

What are Ken Kaneki’s struggles as a half-ghoul?

As a half-ghoul, Ken Kaneki struggles with his identity and the dual nature of his existence. He must learn to navigate the ghoul world, hide his true nature from humans, and deal with his constant hunger for human flesh. He also faces persecution from both ghouls and humans.

What is Ken Kaneki’s role in the story?

Ken Kaneki is the central character of “Tokyo Ghoul” and serves as the point of view through which the story unfolds. He goes through various character developments and faces numerous challenges and conflicts as he tries to find his place in the ghoul society and understand his own nature.

Does Ken Kaneki have any allies?

Throughout the series, Ken Kaneki forms relationships and alliances with various characters. He becomes a member of Anteiku, a coffee shop run by ghouls, and finds mentorship and support from people like Yoshimura, Touka Kirishima, and Hideyoshi Nagachika. He also forms bonds with other ghoul investigators as the story progresses.