Original Name (Japanese): 飛車丸
Romaji Name: Hishamaru
Nicknames: Yakou Devotee
Series: Tokyo Ravens
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Hishamaru is portrayed as a loyal and devoted follower of the powerful Onmyoji Yakou Tsuchimikado. She is always at Yakou’s side, and is renowned enough to have achieved military rank in the Japanese army during World War II. According to Kakugyouki, Hishamaru is more loyal to Yakou than he is.


Hishamaru is one of Yakou’s powerful legendary familiars. She was with Yakou all her life and had a close relationship with her master. After Yakou’s death, Hishamaru seems to have disappeared.

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Hishamaru has a distinctive appearance with waist-length white hair and striking blue/green eyes. His design and visual presentation convey a sense of elegance and mystique befitting his status as a legendary familiar.


As a powerful legendary familiar, Hishamaru is believed to possess significant magical and spiritual abilities. She was able to gain a military rank, suggesting that she was a formidable fighter. However, the specifics of her abilities are not fully detailed in the available information.


Hishamaru originates from the light novel and anime series “Tokyo Ravens,” where she is introduced as one of the influential familiars of the main protagonist’s lineage. She plays a supporting role in the overall narrative, representing the legacy and power of the Tsuchimikado Clan’s Onmyoji lineage.

Hishamaru – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Hishamaru from “Tokyo Ravens”:

Who is Hishamaru?

Hishamaru is a character from the anime/manga series “Tokyo Ravens”. He is a powerful onmyoji (practitioner of onmyodo, the traditional Japanese esoteric cosmology) and a member of the Tsuchimikado clan, one of the strongest spiritual families in Japan.

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What are Hishamaru’s abilities?

Hishamaru is an extremely skilled onmyoji who can perform a variety of powerful spells and rituals. He is a master of shikigami (supernatural familiars) and can summon and command powerful spirit creatures to assist him in battle. Hishamaru is also well-versed in the spiritual world and ancient Onmyodo lore.

What is Hishamaru’s role in the story?

Hishamaru serves as a mentor and ally to the main protagonist, Harutora, helping him to develop his own onmyoji skills. He is also a key figure in the power struggles and conflicts between the major spiritual clans in the series.

How does Hishamaru’s character develop throughout the story?

Initially portrayed as a stern and aloof master, Hishamaru gradually becomes more caring and fatherly towards Harutora as the story progresses. He is shown to have a strong sense of duty and responsibility to protect his clan and the spiritual balance of Japan.

What is Hishamaru’s relationship to the other main characters?

Hishamaru shares a mentor-mentee relationship with Harutora, guiding and training him. He also has a somewhat contentious but respectful relationship with Touji Ato, another powerful onmyoji from a rival clan. Hishamaru cares deeply for the welfare of his clan members, including Tsuchimikado Natsume.

How important is Hishamaru to the overall plot of “Tokyo Ravens”?

Hishamaru is a central character in the series, playing a pivotal role in many of the major events and conflicts that drive the overarching plot. His immense onmyoji skills and knowledge make him a central figure in the power struggles between the spiritual clans, and his guidance and support are essential to Harutora’s development as the main protagonist.