Ran Haitani

Japanese Name 灰谷 蘭
Romaji Name Haitani Ran
Nicknames Unknown
Series Tokyo Revengers
Age 18, 20 (past), 30 (present)
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth 1987
Blood Type Unknown

Ran Haitani from “Tokyo Revengers”: A Closer Look

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Ran Haitani, a character from the popular anime and manga series “Tokyo Revengers,” possesses a distinctive personality that sets him apart. While initially portrayed as aloof and distant, Ran’s true nature gradually unfolds throughout the story. He is portrayed as a stoic and level-headed individual, often providing calm and rational insight to his comrades. Despite his reserved demeanor, Ran harbors a strong sense of loyalty to his friends and would go to great lengths to protect them. His unwavering devotion to his gang and his principles make him a formidable ally.


Ran Haitani is a major figure in the Tokyo Manji Gang, an influential gang in the Tokyo Revengers universe. A member of the S62 generation, Ran is the older brother of Rindo Haitani, another prominent member of the gang. Ran’s involvement in the gang’s activities and his position as the former Tenjiku Heavenly King underscore his experience and authority within the organization. Over time, Ran’s backstory gradually reveals the challenges and trials he has faced, shaping him into the person he is in the series’ current timeline.


Ran Haitani’s physical appearance is striking and distinctive. A tall and lanky teenager, he has long hair that he wears in braids. His hair has a unique color scheme, with dark roots and ends, while the middle and ends are blond. His eyebrows are also blond. Ran often wears loose-fitting clothing, typically a sweatshirt and pants. Notably, he has a tattoo on the left side of his back, which adds another element to his overall appearance.


Ran Haitani displays impressive combat skills and strategic thinking throughout the series. As the former Sky King of Tenjiku, he possesses exceptional fighting skills and tactical intelligence. Ran’s skills make him a formidable opponent in battle, and his expertise contributes greatly to the gang’s operations. In addition, his experience and leadership have earned him a high-ranking position within the Tokyo Manji Gang, further solidifying his skills.


Ran Haitani’s origins lie in the intricate history of the Tokyo Revengers. As a member of the S62 Generation, he and his brother Rindo play a pivotal role in shaping the events and dynamics of the series. Ran’s involvement in the gang and his relationships with other characters provide a deep understanding of his origins and the path he has taken. Throughout the story, Ran’s past and present intertwine, revealing the complexity of his character and the impact he has on the overarching plot.

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Ran Haitani – FAQ

Who is Ran Haitani in “Tokyo Revengers”?

Ran Haitani is a character in the manga and anime series “Tokyo Revengers”. He is a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang, a notorious group of criminals in the series.

What is Ran Haitani’s role in the Tokyo Manji Gang?

Ran Haitani is one of the most senior members of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He holds a high position in the gang hierarchy and is known for his strength and martial arts skills.

What are Ran Haitani’s personality traits?

Ran Haitani is portrayed as a hotheaded and aggressive individual. He is often quick to violence and has a short temper. Ran is fiercely loyal to his gang and will do whatever it takes to protect them.

Does Ran Haitani have any special skills or powers?

In the context of “Tokyo Revengers,” Ran Haitani does not possess any supernatural or extraordinary abilities. However, he is a skilled fighter and is proficient in hand-to-hand combat.

What is Ran Haitani’s relationship with the main character, Takemichi Hanagaki?

Ran Haitani initially views Takemichi Hanagaki with suspicion and skepticism. However, as the series progresses, their relationship evolves and they develop a mutual respect for each other.

Are there any major arcs or events involving Ran Haitani?

Yes, there are several major arcs involving Ran Haitani in Tokyo Revengers. Without spoiling the plot, Ran plays a crucial role in various gang conflicts and power struggles within the series.

Does Ran Haitani undergo any character development during the series?

Although Ran Haitani’s character development is not as prominent as some of the main characters in “Tokyo Revengers,” he does undergo certain changes. Through his interactions and experiences, he gains a deeper understanding of loyalty and the true meaning of friendship.