Haruchiyo Sanzu

Original Name (Japanese): 晩柑 春千代
Romaji Name: Akashi Haruchiyo
Nicknames: Haruchiyo Sanzu
Series: Tokyo Revengers
Age: 17
Weight: 62 kg
Height: 175 cm
Date of Birth: March 23
Blood Type: B

Haruchiyo Sanzu – A Devoted Follower in the Tokyo Revengers Saga


Haruchiyo Sanzu, also known as Haruchiyo Akashi, is portrayed as having a quiet and reserved demeanor. As a teenager, he is shown to be extremely loyal to those he follows and worships, especially Mikey, the leader of the Kanto Manji gang. Sanzu rarely speaks, but when he does, his words carry weight and meaning.

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Prior to the events of the Tenjiku arc in Tokyo Revengers, Sanzu held the position of deputy captain of the Fifth Division of the Tokyo Manji Gang. When Yasuhiro Muto, the former vice president, broke away to form the Tenjiku Faction, Sanzu chose to follow him. In the alternate present, Sanzu has risen to become the number 2 in the Bonten organization.


Sanzu has a distinctive appearance, with long, unkempt black hair and a piercing gaze. He often wears dark clothing, which adds to his brooding and intimidating presence. His build is lean and athletic, suggesting his prowess as a fighter.


As a high-ranking member of the Kanto Manji Gang and later the Tenjiku, Sanzu is believed to have considerable martial arts and strategic skills. His loyalty and devotion to Mikey and the Tenjiku faction suggest that he is a formidable asset to their operations.


Haruchiyo Sanzu is a fictional character created by Ken Wakui for the manga series Tokyo Revengers. He plays a significant role in the Tenjiku arc, where his unwavering commitment to Mikey and the Tenjiku faction becomes a central plot point.

Haruchiyo Sanzu – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Haruchiyo Sanzu from “Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku-hen”:

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Who is Haruchiyo Sanzu?

Haruchiyo Sanzu is a key member of the Tenjiku Gang in the “Tokyo Revengers” storyline. He is the younger brother of Tenjiku leader Izana Kurokawa and is known for his cunning and strategic skills within the gang.

What is Haruchiyo’s role in the Tenjiku gang?

Haruchiyo serves as his brother Izana’s right-hand man and strategist. He is responsible for planning and executing the gang’s operations and is known for his ability to manipulate and outwit his opponents.

What are Haruchiyo’s skills and fighting style?

Haruchiyo is a skilled fighter who relies on his agility, intelligence, and cunning to defeat his opponents. He is adept with a variety of weapons, including knives and firearms, and is known for his ability to anticipate and counter his opponents’ moves.

How does Haruchiyo’s relationship with his brother Izana affect the Tenjiku Gang?

Haruchiyo’s close relationship with his brother Izana is a key factor in the actions of the Tenjiku Gang. As Izana’s most trusted advisor, Haruchiyo’s influence and strategic decisions have a significant impact on the gang’s operations and direction.

What is Haruchiyo’s backstory and motivation?

Little is known about Haruchiyo’s early life and the events that led to his involvement with the Tenjiku Gang. It is clear, however, that his loyalty to his brother Izana and his desire to protect the Tenjiku Gang are key motivations for his actions.

How does Haruchiyo’s character arc develop over the course of the “Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku-hen” storyline?

As the events of the “Tenjiku-hen” arc unfold, Haruchiyo’s character undergoes significant development and transformation. His interactions with the main protagonist, Takemichi, and his growing understanding of the consequences of his actions lead to a deeper exploration of his motivations and the complexity of his relationship with his brother, Izana.