Kaname Arisugawa

項目 詳細
日本名 有栖川要
Romaji名 Arisugawa Kaname
愛称 要ちゃん
シリーズ 特定のシリーズ名
年齢 例: 25歳
体重 例: 60 kg
身長 例: 170 cm
誕生日 例: 1990年1月1日
血液型 例: A型


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A lively character from “Tonikaku Kawaii”.


Kaname Arisugawa, a character from the anime and manga series “Tonikaku Kawaii,” has a lively and outgoing personality. Despite her young age, Kaname displays a remarkable level of maturity. She is known for her helpful nature and has been helping out at the bathhouse for quite some time. Kaname is always willing to give her friend Nasa, the protagonist of the series, valuable advice when it comes to navigating his romantic life. She also shares her mother’s love of dirty jokes and is not afraid to engage in direct conversation.


Kaname Arisugawa is introduced in “Tonikaku Kawaii” as Nasa’s childhood friend. Unlike many others, Kaname never made fun of Nasa’s name, showing her kind and accepting nature. She has been involved with the bathhouse for quite some time, indicating her deep connection to the establishment. While her exact background beyond her friendship with Nasa is not extensively explored, her long association with the bathhouse suggests a strong bond with the place and its inhabitants.


While details regarding Kaname Arisugawa’s appearance may vary depending on the artistic portrayal in different adaptations of “Tonikaku Kawaii,” her design typically reflects a youthful and energetic character. She is often depicted with a cheerful expression and a lively demeanor. Kaname’s physical attributes include bright eyes and a distinctive hairstyle that complements her spirited personality.


Although no specific abilities or talents unique to Kaname Arisugawa are explicitly highlighted, her notable qualities lie in her maturity, helpfulness, and insightful advice. These qualities contribute greatly to her role as a supporting character in the series. Kaname’s ability to offer guidance and suggestions to Nasa demonstrates her emotional intelligence and understanding of relationships.

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Kaname Arisugawa originates from the “Tonikaku Kawaii” series created by Kenjiro Hata. This romantic comedy manga and anime follows the story of Nasa and Tsukasa, a couple who embark on an unconventional and heartwarming journey of love and marriage. Kaname’s presence in the series adds depth to the narrative and provides support and friendship to the main characters, especially Nasa.

Kaname Arisugawa – FAQ

Who is Kaname Arisugawa in “Tonikaku Kawaii”?

Kaname Arisugawa is a character from the manga and anime series “Tonikaku Kawaii” created by Kenjiro Hata. She is one of the main characters and plays an important role in the story.

What is Kaname’s personality like?

Kaname is portrayed as a strong-willed and independent young woman. She is known for her straightforward and no-nonsense attitude. Kaname can be blunt at times, but she genuinely cares about her friends and is willing to support them when they need her.

What is Kaname’s relationship to the main characters?

Kaname is a close friend of the series’ protagonist, Nasa Yuzaki. She often provides guidance and advice to Nasa, helping him navigate his relationship with his wife, Tsukasa. Kaname also shares a friendly rivalry with Tsukasa and often engages in playful banter with her.

Does Kaname have any special abilities or talents?

While Kaname doesn’t possess any extraordinary powers or talents, she is shown to be highly intelligent and resourceful. She excels academically and often uses her intelligence to solve problems and help her friends.

What is Kaname’s role in the story?

Kaname serves as a supporting character in Tonikaku Kawaii. She contributes to the comedic elements of the series and provides a grounded perspective amidst the romance and lighthearted moments. Kaname’s presence adds depth to the overall narrative and enhances the dynamic between the main characters.

Is there a romantic subplot involving Kaname?

While Kaname is not involved in a prominent romantic subplot herself, her interactions with other characters, especially her playful banter with Tsukasa, contribute to the overall romantic atmosphere of the series. Her friendship with Nasa also shows the importance of strong bonds and emotional support in relationships.