Yuusaku Kitamura

Original Name 北村祐作
Romaji Name Kitamura Yuusaku
Nicknames Maruo
Series Toradora!
Age 17
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


Yuusaku Kitamura, a character from the popular anime series “Toradora!”, is known for his unique and lovable personality. He is portrayed as a hardworking and responsible individual who serves as Vice President of the Student Council and Class President. Yuusaku is highly regarded by his peers and is considered a model student.
A notable aspect of Yuusaku’s personality is his friendly and outgoing nature. He is well liked by his classmates and can often be seen chatting with them. Despite his popularity, Yuusaku remains humble and down-to-earth, always willing to lend a helping hand to his friends.
Another characteristic of Yuusaku is his unwavering loyalty and devotion. He is a remarkably supportive friend, especially to the main protagonist, Ryuuji. Yuusaku stands by Ryuuji through thick and thin, providing emotional support and guidance when needed. His unwavering friendship and trust make him an invaluable companion to those around him.

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Yuusaku Kitamura’s background in “Toradora!” is not extensively explored in the series. However, it is revealed that he is Ryuuji’s best friend and has known him for a long time. Yuusaku and Ryuuji share a deep bond, which can be seen in their interactions throughout the anime.
As the vice president of the student council, Yuusaku has a significant presence in the school. He is respected by both students and faculty for his responsible and dependable nature. Despite his busy schedule, he manages to balance his academic responsibilities with extracurricular activities, such as being the captain of the boys’ softball club.


In terms of physical appearance, Yuusaku Kitamura is portrayed as a young student with a distinctive look. He is often seen wearing glasses, which adds to his intellectual and studious image. Yuusaku has neatly styled brown hair, which complements his overall appearance.


While “Toradora!” focuses primarily on the characters’ personal relationships, Yuusaku Kitamura demonstrates various skills and abilities throughout the series. As vice president of the student council, he demonstrates strong leadership and organizational skills. Yuusaku’s dedication and commitment to his role make him a capable and responsible student leader.


Yuusaku Kitamura’s origin in “Toradora!” is rooted in his role as a supporting character in the anime series. He plays an essential role in the story, contributing to the development of other characters and their relationships. Yuusaku’s presence adds depth and complexity to the story, emphasizing the importance of friendship and loyalty.

Yuusaku Kitamura – FAQ

Who is Yuusaku Kitamura in “Toradora!

Yuusaku Kitamura is a prominent character in the anime and light novel series “Toradora! He is a high school student and a close friend of the main character, Ryuuji Takasu.

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What is Yuusaku Kitamura’s personality like?

Yuusaku Kitamura is known for his cheerful and outgoing personality. He is friendly, outgoing, and can often be seen with a smile on his face. He is also very perceptive and has a keen sense of observation.

What is Yuusaku Kitamura’s role in the story?

In the story, Yuusaku Kitamura plays an important role as one of the main characters. He is a member of the student council and serves as the vice president. He often provides support and advice to his friends, especially Ryuuji and Taiga, the other main characters.

Does Yuusaku Kitamura have any special talents or hobbies?

Yes, Yuusaku Kitamura is skilled in martial arts and is a member of the school’s wrestling club. He is also an excellent dancer and is known for his breakdancing skills. He also enjoys photography and can often be seen with a camera.

Does Yuusaku Kitamura have a romantic interest in the series?

Throughout the series, Yuusaku Kitamura has feelings for a girl named Sumire Kano, who is also a member of the student council. However, his feelings are not reciprocated and he eventually comes to terms with it.

How does Yuusaku Kitamura’s relationship with the other characters develop?

Yuusaku Kitamura has a close friendship with Ryuuji Takasu and often acts as a supportive friend and confidant. He is also friends with Taiga Aisaka and helps her deal with her complicated feelings for Ryuuji. As the series progresses, their bond deepens and they face various challenges together.