Elaine Lo Po Bia

Original Name (Japanese) 로 포 비아 엘레인
Romaji Name Lo Po Bia Elaine
Nicknames Kaiser
Series Tower of God
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Tall
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Elaine Lo Po Bia is a complex and multifaceted character. She is described as a tall, ornately dressed woman with a commanding presence. Beneath her formidable exterior, she is driven by a desire to protect her family and uphold her responsibilities. Elaine can be distant and stern, but also shows moments of vulnerability and compassion. Her strong sense of duty and loyalty to the Lo Po Bia family is central to her character.


Elaine was originally chosen to be one of Jahad’s princesses, but her family’s declining influence led to her being passed over. Instead, she was tasked with overseeing the Name Hunt Station on the 39th floor of the Tower for over a thousand years. This role gave her immense power and authority, though it also isolated her from direct involvement in her family’s affairs.

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Elaine is a tall, elegantly dressed woman with long dark green hair that falls to her knees and striking blue-green eyes. Her clothing is elaborate, befitting her position as the ruler of Name Hunt Station. She carries herself with a regal bearing that commands respect.


As a fisherman in the Tower of God universe, Elaine possesses impressive physical abilities and combat skills. She is considered one of the top 3 D-ranked regulars, indicating her formidable power. Elaine’s exact abilities are not fully known, but she is likely a skilled fighter and strategist given her long tenure in charge of the Name Hunting Station.


Elaine is a member of the prestigious Lo Po Bia family, one of the great families that rule the Tower. Her family’s declining influence led to her being passed over for Jahad Princess, but she was tasked with overseeing the Name Hunt Station on their behalf. This role shaped much of her character and motivations throughout the story.

Elaine Lo Po Bia – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Elaine Lo Po Bia of “Tower of God”:

Who is Elaine Lo Po Bia?

Elaine Lo Po Bia is a character from the Korean webtoon series “Tower of God”. She is a recurring character who is part of the Lo Po Bia family, one of the great families of the Tower. Elaine has the ability to control and manipulate shadows, which she uses in battle.

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What is Elaine’s role in the story?

Elaine is introduced as an antagonist sent by her family to eliminate Bam, the main protagonist of the series. However, as the story progresses, Elaine’s motivations and loyalties become more complex. She develops a complicated relationship with Bam and eventually becomes an ally to him and his friends.

What are Elaine’s abilities?

Elaine’s primary ability is shadow manipulation. She can use her shadow control to attack, defend, and even transport herself and others. Elaine is also a skilled fighter, using both her shadow powers and physical combat techniques in battle.

How does Elaine’s character develop over the course of the story?

Initially, Elaine is portrayed as a ruthless and single-minded member of the Lo Po Bia family, driven by her duty to eliminate Bam. However, as the series progresses, Elaine’s character evolves significantly. She begins to question her family’s actions and her own role, eventually forming a bond with Bam and becoming an ally in his quest.

What is the nature of Elaine’s relationship with Bam?

Elaine’s relationship with Bam begins as an adversarial one, as she is tasked with eliminating him. However, as the story progresses, Elaine begins to see Bam in a different light and develops a complex, almost reluctant friendship with him. Their interactions and the evolution of their relationship are a central part of Elaine’s character arc.

How does Elaine’s role in the Lo Po Bia family influence her actions?

Elaine’s position within the powerful Lo Po Bia family is a major factor in her motivations and decisions. As a member of one of the great families, Elaine is expected to put her family’s interests first and follow their orders. This creates an internal conflict for Elaine as she begins to question her family’s actions and her own role in them.