Arata Kasuga

Original Name 春日 アラタ
Romaji Name Kasuga Arata
Nicknames None
Series Trinity Seven
Age 17
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth June 18
Blood Type Unknown

Arata Kasuga from Trinity Seven: A Closer Look


Arata Kasuga is a lively and cheerful character with a carefree nature. He often engages in banter and teasing, even in dangerous situations. Arata has a mischievous sense of humor and enjoys cracking jokes to lighten the mood around him. He is also known for his perverted tendencies, often finding himself in risque situations or expressing his desires for girls.


Arata used to live with his cousin and childhood friend, Hijiri Kasuga. However, their lives took a drastic turn when an incident occurred in their town. Hijiri disappeared, leaving Arata with an object she had given him. Motivated by the desire to save Hijiri, Arata embarks on a journey to become a magician, which leads him to meet the Trinity Seven, a group of powerful magicians.


Arata Kasuga is depicted as a young man with brown hair and eyes. He is typically dressed in the traditional magician’s garb of a black cloak with gold trim. In his “Astral Trinity” form, which represents his Demon Lord powers, Arata wears a cape and possesses a unique claw-like right arm. This form gives him a more imposing and powerful appearance.


Arata has the ability to nullify and copy magic, making him a formidable opponent. His powers as a Demon Lord of the Superbia Archive give him exceptional magical abilities. Arata’s carefree nature and quick thinking contribute to his ability to adapt to different situations and strategize effectively in battle. His perceptive nature allows him to analyze and understand different types of magic and use them to their full potential.


Arata Kasuga originates from the manga and anime series “Trinity Seven”. Created by Kenji Saitou and illustrated by Akinari Nao, the series follows Arata’s journey to save Hijiri and uncover the truth behind the mysterious events in his world. “Trinity Seven” shows Arata’s growth as a magician and his interactions with the members of the Trinity Seven as they face powerful adversaries and unravel the mysteries of their world.
Arata Kasuga’s character in Trinity Seven combines a light-hearted and humorous personality with exceptional magical abilities. As the series progresses, Arata’s determination to save Hijiri drives him to face numerous challenges, making him a compelling and engaging protagonist in the world of magic and adventure.

Arata Kasuga – FAQ

Who is Arata Kasuga?

Arata Kasuga is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series “Trinity Seven”. He is a high school student who possesses a special power known as “Demon Lord Candidate”. Arata’s goal is to save his cousin Hijiri and rebuild the world that was destroyed by the Breakdown Phenomenon.

What is the Breakdown Phenomenon?

The Breakdown Phenomenon is a catastrophic event that occurred in the world of “Trinity Seven”, leading to the destruction of Arata’s hometown and the disappearance of his cousin Hijiri. It is a phenomenon that causes distortions in reality, resulting in the collapse of the environment and the emergence of dangerous magical anomalies.

What are Arata’s powers?

Arata possesses the power of the Demon Lord Candidate, which gives him the ability to manipulate magic. He can create and control magical spells, summon powerful weapons, and even alter the fabric of reality. His powers are still growing, however, and he continues to learn and develop new abilities throughout the series.

Who are the Trinity Seven?

The Trinity Seven refers to a group of seven powerful female magicians who possess extraordinary magical abilities. Each member represents one of the seven deadly sins and plays an important role in the story. They join forces with Arata to face various threats and uncover the secrets of the Breakdown Phenomenon.

What is Arata’s relationship to the Trinity Seven?

Arata forms a close bond with the members of the Trinity Seven as they work together to overcome challenges. While the relationships vary for each character, Arata’s interactions with them often involve friendship, mutual respect, and occasional romantic overtones. Throughout the series, Arata’s interactions with the Trinity Seven play a crucial role in his growth as a character.

Is there a romantic storyline involving Arata?

Yes, romance is an important aspect of the story in Trinity Seven. Arata’s relationships with the members of the Trinity Seven, especially the female leads, develop into romantic arcs. The series explores Arata’s interactions, feelings, and potential romantic interests, adding an extra layer to the overall narrative.