Arin Kannazuki

Original Name 神無月 アリン
Romaji Name Arin Kannazuki
Nicknames None
Series Trinity Seven
Age 16
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified

Arin Kannazuki from “Trinity Seven

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Arin Kannazuki is a mysterious and enigmatic character in the anime and manga series “Trinity Seven”. She is known for her calm and reserved demeanor, rarely showing emotion. Arin is portrayed as someone who cares little about others’ opinions of her, preferring to maintain a stoic facade. However, she possesses a perceptive nature and is quick to read the emotions of others. As the story progresses, Arin begins to show more emotion, including smiling and blushing, especially when interacting with the protagonist, Arata.


Arin’s past is shrouded in mystery. She has no memory before the age of eight and remembers a void of nothingness. As she gradually became aware of the world around her, she experienced confusion and began wandering until she was discovered by the headmaster of the academy. She has lived in the school ever since. Arin believes herself to be the wife of a magical king or demon lord, although no official marriage has been arranged.


Arin is a petite and slender young woman with short, light blue-gray hair. She has a distinctive single horn that adds to her unique appearance. In particular, Arin bears a striking resemblance to Hijiri Kasuga, Arata’s cousin and childhood friend. Her resemblance to Hijiri becomes a major plot point in the series.


Arin possesses impressive magical abilities. Her magic is primarily spell-based, and she specializes in Chaotic Rune magic. Her branch of magic, Chaotic Rune, is based on the ancient Norse runic script. Arin’s magic is said to manifest the power of the gods and, when enhanced, can overwhelm the abilities of the Magic King or Demon Lord candidate. She activates her magic by writing Norse runes in the air. Arin’s magic is highly compatible with Yui’s Arc Symphony.


Arin Kannazuki is a main character in the “Trinity Seven” series, which includes the manga, anime, and related media. She first appeared in the original manga by Kenji Saito and Akinari Nao. The series follows the story of Arata Kasuga, who enrolls in a magical academy after his hometown is destroyed. Arin plays a crucial role in Arata’s journey, as she claims to be his wife and possesses powerful magical abilities.

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Arin Kannazuki – FAQ

Who is Arin Kannazuki?

Arin Kannazuki is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Trinity Seven”. She is one of the main female protagonists of the series.

What are Arin Kannazuki’s abilities?

Arin possesses powerful magical abilities related to the manipulation of gravity. She can control gravity, allowing her to create gravitational fields, control the movement of objects and people, and even manipulate the weight of herself and others.

What is Arin Kannazuki’s personality like?

Arin is often portrayed as calm, collected, and intelligent. She is typically serious and level-headed, rarely showing her emotions openly. She is also known for her strong sense of duty and loyalty to her friends and allies.

What is Arin Kannazuki’s role in “Trinity Seven”?

Arin is a member of the Trinity Seven, a group of seven powerful mages who possess the “Archive” magic. They are charged with protecting the world from supernatural threats and maintaining the balance between the different realms.

What is the relationship between Arin Kannazuki and the main character?

Arin develops a close relationship with the main character, Arata Kasuga, over the course of the series. At first she is wary of him because of his unique abilities, but over time they become allies and eventually develop romantic feelings for each other.

Does Arin Kannazuki have any notable quirks or habits?

Arin has a habit of using the phrase “Gravity Magic: Absolute Cancel” whenever she uses her powers. She also has a penchant for reading, and can often be found with a book in her hands, even during battles or tense situations.