Yui Kurata

Original Name 倉田 ユイ
Romaji Name Kurata Yui
Nicknames None
Series Trinity Seven
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified


Yui Kurata, a character from the anime and manga series “Trinity Seven”, has a unique and distinct personality. She is portrayed as a special magician who can only communicate with others through dreams. Despite this limitation, Yui maintains a cheerful and affectionate demeanor that shows her kind-hearted nature. Known for her little sister personality, she is particularly close to the protagonist, Arata, whom she affectionately refers to as “Onii-chan” (older brother). Yui’s unwavering devotion and constant declarations of love for Arata underscore her loving and caring character. Additionally, as a member of the Trinity Seven, Yui embodies the sin of greed, adding a layer of complexity to her personality.

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Yui Kurata’s background in “Trinity Seven” is closely tied to her role as a magician and her connection to the Academy. She lives in the dungeon underneath the academy, establishing her unique living situation. In the series, Yui was initially trapped in the dungeon until she was rescued by Arata and the other members of Trinity Seven, with the exception of Lieselotte, who had disappeared. After her rescue, Yui is able to return to a normal life and form close relationships with others, including Levi, who becomes her close friend. Despite her past confinement, Yui remains optimistic and embraces the newfound freedom and companionship she has found.


Yui Kurata’s physical appearance in “Trinity Seven” is characterized by her youthful and adorable features. She is portrayed with bright pink hair that falls in gentle waves, complementing her vivacious personality. Yui’s large, expressive blue eyes captivate the audience and effectively convey her emotions. Her average height and slender figure are accentuated by her distinctive outfit, which consists of a white dress with ruffles and a red ribbon tied around her neck. Yui’s appearance perfectly complements her cheerful and affectionate nature.


As a mage in “Trinity Seven,” Yui Kurata possesses unique abilities that contribute to her role as a member of the Trinity Seven and her embodiment of the sin of greed. One of her most notable abilities is the power to communicate with others solely through dreams, demonstrating her ability to manipulate dreams. This ability allows her to connect and interact with others in a unique and ethereal way. Yui’s magical abilities are further enhanced by her association with the sin of Greed, which grants her additional abilities and powers related to her sin. While the specific details of her abilities may vary as the story progresses, Yui’s magical aptitude and dream manipulation remain integral aspects of her character.


Yui Kurata comes from the anime and manga series “Trinity Seven”. Created by Kenji Saito and illustrated by Akinari Nao, the series follows the story of Arata Kasuga, who enrolls in the Royal Biblia Academy after a mysterious event known as the “Breakdown Phenomenon” occurs. Yui Kurata is introduced as a member of the Trinity Seven, a group of powerful magicians associated with the seven deadly sins. Throughout the series, Yui’s character evolves, demonstrating her unique abilities, forming relationships with other characters, and contributing to the overarching narrative. Her role as a member of the Trinity Seven and her connection to Arata play a significant role in the story’s progression.
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Yui Kurata – FAQ

Who is Yui Kurata?

Yui Kurata is a character from the manga and anime series “Trinity Seven”. She is one of the main protagonists and a member of the Trinity Seven, a group of powerful magicians.

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What are Yui Kurata’s abilities?

Yui Kurata has the ability to manipulate gravity. She can control gravitational forces, allowing her to create powerful attacks and defenses. She is also skilled in melee combat and has mastered the use of a scythe as her weapon of choice.

What is Yui Kurata’s personality like?

Yui Kurata is known for her calm and reserved demeanor. She is generally polite and soft-spoken, but can also be quite serious and determined when it comes to protecting her friends and achieving her goals. Yui is also shown to be caring and compassionate towards others.

What is Yui Kurata’s role in the Trinity Seven?

Yui Kurata plays an important role as a member of the Trinity Seven. She is one of the seven most powerful magicians chosen to fight the threats to the world. Yui’s skills and knowledge contribute to the group’s overall power and aid in their mission to protect the world.

Does Yui Kurata have any unique traits or characteristics?

Yes, Yui Kurata has a special feature known as “Gravure Form” that activates when she uses her magic. In this form, her hair turns silver and her eyes turn golden, signifying the increase in her power. In addition, Yui is often seen wearing a pair of headphones, which she uses to listen to music.

What is Yui Kurata’s relationship to the other characters in “Trinity Seven”?

Yui Kurata has a close relationship with the other members of the Trinity Seven. She considers them her friends and allies, and they work together to overcome various challenges and threats. Yui also develops a special bond with the main protagonist, Arata Kasuga, as they share a deep understanding and support each other throughout their journey.