Original Name (Japanese): リリム
Romaji Name: Ririmu
Nicknames: N/A
Series: Trinity Seven
Age: Unknown (appears as a young girl)
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Lilim is the grimoire of Lilith Asami, a character from the Trinity Seven series. After absorbing Arata Kasuga’s magic, Lilim becomes sentient and considers both Lilith and Arata to be her parents. Lilim displays a caring and protective personality as she forms a close bond with Arata and helps him in various situations.


Lilim comes from the Trinity Seven universe, where she serves as Lilith Asami’s Grimoire. However, after absorbing Arata’s magic, Lilim gains sentience and develops a unique relationship with both Lilith and Arata, viewing them as her parental figures.

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Lilim looks like a young girl with long, dark hair and a delicate, almost ethereal appearance. She often appears in a translucent, ghostly form, emphasizing her supernatural origins as a sentient grimoire.


As a sentient grimoire, Lilim possesses a wide range of magical abilities. She can manipulate various forms of energy, cast spells, and even manifest physical attacks. Lilim’s powers are closely tied to her connection with Lilith and Arata, and she often uses her abilities to support and protect them.


Lilim’s origins can be traced to the mythological figure of Lilith, Adam’s first wife in Jewish folklore. In the Trinity Seven universe, Lilim is specifically associated with Lilith Asami and serves as her Grimoire. Lilim’s transformation into a sentient being is a unique development in the series, further exploring the depth of her character and her relationship with the protagonists.

Lilim – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Lilim from “Trinity Seven Movie 1: Eternity Library to Alchemic Girl”:

Who is Lilim?

Lilim is one of the main characters in the Trinity Seven movie. She is a member of the Trinity Seven, a group of powerful magicians who attend the Biblia Academy. Lilim is known for her alchemical skills and her playful, mischievous personality.

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What are Lilim’s magical abilities?

Lilim’s primary magical skill is alchemy. She is a skilled alchemist who can transmute various materials to create powerful magical items. She is also able to manipulate elemental forces such as fire and earth to aid her in battle.

What is Lilim’s role in the Trinity Seven movie?

In the Trinity Seven movie, Lilim plays a pivotal role in the story. She assists the main characters, Arata and the other Trinity Seven members, as they investigate a mysterious library and confront a powerful alchemist. Lilim’s alchemical skills and quick thinking help the group overcome various challenges.

How is Lilim’s personality different from the other Trinity Seven members?

Compared to the other Trinity Seven members, Lilim is more playful, mischievous, and relaxed. She enjoys teasing and flirting with Arata, the main protagonist, and often uses her alchemical skills in creative and unexpected ways. However, she also shows a deeper, more serious side when the situation calls for it.

What is the relationship between Lilim and Arata?

Lilim has a close, if somewhat complicated, relationship with Arata. While she often teases and flirts with him, she also cares deeply for his well-being and works alongside him to overcome the challenges they face. Their dynamic is a mix of playful banter and mutual respect.

How does Lilim contribute to the overall plot of the Trinity Seven movie?

Lilim’s alchemical abilities and unique perspective play a crucial role in the overall plot of the Trinity Seven movie. Her knowledge of alchemy and her willingness to experiment with various magical solutions help the group uncover the secrets of the Library of Eternity and confront the powerful alchemist they encounter. Lilim’s contributions are essential to the group’s success.