Fai D. Flourite

Original Name ファイ・D・フローライト
Romaji Name Fai D. Flourite
Nicknames Fay, Yuui, Fay D. Flowright/Fluorite
Series Tsubasa Chronicle
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Fai D. Flourite, a character from the anime series “Tsubasa Chronicle”, has a complex and enigmatic personality. Initially introduced as a mysterious and carefree individual, Fai’s true nature gradually unfolds throughout the series. Known for his charming and charismatic demeanor, he is often seen with a smile on his face despite his troubled past.
Fai is highly intelligent and cunning, displaying a knack for strategic thinking and quick improvisation in challenging situations. He is adept at manipulating others to achieve his goals, often using his wit and charm to deceive those around him. Despite his manipulative tendencies, Fai also displays a compassionate side, showing genuine concern for his companions and their well-being.
Beneath his cheerful exterior, however, lies a deep sense of grief and guilt. Fai carries the weight of a traumatic past, marked by the burden of a curse and the loss of his twin brother. This emotional turmoil fuels his desire to protect his loved ones, even if it means making difficult choices and sacrifices.


Fai D. Flourite’s backstory is a tragic tale that unfolds throughout the series. He comes from the fictional land of Valeria, where his birth as a twin was considered a bad omen. The second prince, their father, died shortly after their birth, and their mother, consumed by guilt, took her own life. The twins, Fai and Yuui, grew up in the shadow of this tragedy, enduring a life of isolation and suffering.
The king of Valeria believed that the twins’ combined magical power was bringing misfortune to the land. To break the so-called “curse,” the king imprisoned them in separate places where time stood still and magic was ineffective. Fai was imprisoned at the top of a tower, while Yuui was imprisoned at its base. They were doomed to remain there until the world was destroyed.
Eventually, a powerful sorcerer named Fei Wong Reed appeared and offered to free one of the twins. Fai made the painful decision to save Yuui, leading to his own demise. However, Fei Wong manipulated Yuui’s guilt over his brother’s death, turning him into his pawn and setting him on a path to protect Princess Sakura and collect magical feathers.


Fai D. Flourite is an elegant and stylish character. He is depicted with long, blond hair that falls gracefully around his slender frame. Fai’s captivating golden eyes add to his charismatic aura. He often dresses in elaborate and fashionable outfits that reflect his flamboyant and refined taste.
True to his enigmatic persona, Fai occasionally hides his face behind a black eye patch, adding an air of mystery to his appearance. While his clothing choices vary throughout the series, Fai always exudes an air of elegance and sophistication.


Fai D. Flourite is a formidable mage with extraordinary magical abilities. He is proficient in various forms of magic, including offensive spells, defensive barriers, and teleportation. Fai’s magical prowess is complemented by his extensive knowledge of spells and enchantments, allowing him to adapt to different situations and overcome formidable opponents.
One of Fai’s most notable abilities is his ability to create barriers and shields, which he uses for protection and as offensive mechanisms. He can manipulate magical energy to form intricate and powerful constructs that effectively shield himself and his companions from harm.
Fai’s magic is not limited to combat. He also possesses the ability to manipulate dimensions, allowing him to cross worlds and travel through space and time. This ability proves invaluable in the group’s quest to collect the scattered feathers and protect Sakura.


Fai D. Flourite is from the anime and manga series “Tsubasa Chronicle”, created by the renowned manga artist group CLAMP. The series follows the adventures of protagonist Syaoran and his companions as they travel through various dimensions in search of Sakura’s lost memories, which have taken the form of magical feathers.
Fai’s character plays a pivotal role in the overarching narrative, with his past and motivations gradually revealed throughout the series. His complex personality, tragic backstory, and powerful magical abilities add to the depth and intrigue surrounding his character, making him a memorable and beloved figure in the Tsubasa Chronicles universe.

Fai D. Flourite – FAQ

Who is Fai D. Flourite in “Tsubasa Chronicle”?

Fai D. Flourite is a character in the manga and anime series “Tsubasa Chronicle”. He is one of the main protagonists and a powerful magician. Fai initially joins the group as a traveler from the land of Celes, and he has a mysterious past and dark secrets.

What are Fai D. Flourite’s abilities?

Fai D. Flourite is a skilled mage with a wide range of magical abilities. He can manipulate and control various elements such as fire, wind, and lightning. Fai can also create magical barriers and illusions, making him a formidable opponent in battle.

Why is Fai always smiling in Tsubasa Chronicles?

Fai wears a constant smile as a facade to hide his true feelings and past traumas. He carries a deep sadness and burden, and the smile is a way to mask his pain and protect himself from getting too close to others.

What is the meaning of Fai’s tattoo in “Tsubasa Chronicle”?

Fai has a tattoo on his back called the “Curse Seal”. It is a mark given to him by the King of Celes as a means of control. The seal restricts Fai’s magical powers, and removing it would have severe consequences. The tattoo serves as a constant reminder of Fai’s painful past and the sacrifice he made to protect his loved ones.

What is Fai’s relationship with Kurogane in “Tsubasa Chronicles”?

Fai and Kurogane have a complex relationship that evolves over the course of the series. At first, they have a tense dynamic, often clashing due to their contrasting personalities. However, as they continue their journey together, they develop a deep bond of trust and friendship, supporting each other in their respective struggles.

Does Fai have any connections to other characters in the “Tsubasa Chronicle” universe?

Yes, Fai is related to other characters in the Tsubasa Chronicle universe. Without giving away too many spoilers, Fai has a significant connection to a character named Ashura, who plays a crucial role in Fai’s past and influences his actions throughout the series. In addition, Fai’s past is intertwined with the main storyline and several other characters, revealing surprising connections and plot twists.