Original Name 黒鋼
Romaji Name Kurogane
Nicknames Youou, Kuropon, Daddy, Haganemaru
Series Tsubasa Chronicle
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Kurogane from Tsubasa Chronicle: A closer look at a complex character

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Kurogane, often referred to by various nicknames such as “Youou,” “Kuropon,” “Daddy,” and “Haganemaru,” is a character with a serious and perceptive personality. He has a keen ability to discern the fighting abilities of others, including Syaoran’s blind right eye and Fai D. Flourite’s true nature. Despite his seemingly irreverent demeanor, Kurogane is fiercely loyal and displays a compassionate nature. He is the most experienced fighter in the group and often serves as Syaoran’s sword-fighting instructor. Believing that a sword should only be used when necessary, Kurogane embodies a philosophy of restraint.
Though he can appear abrasive and ruthless, Kurogane genuinely cares for the welfare of his companions and has a strong desire to protect them. He displays this protective nature by questioning Fai’s actions and character, urging him to let go of his past and embrace the future with their new companions. Kurogane’s dedication to protecting those he cares about is further exemplified by his statement: “If anyone tries to take away the ones I want to protect, I’ll kill them too.” Through his interactions and growth throughout the series, Kurogane’s compassionate side shines through, revealing a multi-faceted character.


Kurogane hails from feudal Japan (Nihon) and possesses the skills of a ninja. He is distinguished by his black outfit, which earned him the nickname “Black Steel”. In the early stages of the story, Kurogane initially distances himself from Syaoran’s quest to find Sakura’s feathers, stating that it is none of his business. However, circumstances lead him to join Syaoran’s group and provide valuable assistance, teaching Syaoran the art of swordplay and sensing attacks from the left.
As the story progresses, Kurogane’s backstory and motivations become clearer. It is revealed that he has a lady named Princess Tomoyo, who exiled him to modern Japan. In this new environment, Kurogane joins forces with Syaoran and the others. His journey and experiences shape his character and deepen his commitment to protecting his newfound companions.


Kurogane’s appearance is described as serious and stoic. He is often seen wearing his distinctive black outfit, which reflects his ninja background. With a strong and muscular build, Kurogane exudes an aura of strength and martial prowess. His piercing eyes and stern expression convey his no-nonsense demeanor. Kurogane’s appearance is in keeping with his role as a skilled warrior and protector.


Kurogane possesses exceptional martial arts skills and is considered the most experienced fighter in the group. His mastery of the sword is evident when he becomes Syaoran’s mentor, passing on his knowledge and philosophy to the young protagonist. Kurogane’s ability to quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents allows him to strategize and adapt during combat.
In addition to his swordsmanship skills, Kurogane acquires a new sword called the Souhi (Blue Ice or Pale Ice) during his journey. This weapon enhances his offensive capabilities and symbolizes his growth and development as a warrior.


Kurogane is from the Tsubasa manga and anime series: Reservoir Chronicles. Created by the renowned manga group CLAMP, the series follows the adventures of Syaoran and his companions as they travel through various dimensions in search of Sakura’s scattered memories. Kurogane plays a major role in the narrative, providing both combat expertise and emotional depth to the story.
The character’s complexity and growth throughout the series have made Kurogane a fan favorite. His journey from a seemingly detached warrior to a fiercely protective and compassionate ally demonstrates the depth of his character development.

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Kurogane – FAQ

Who is Kurogane in “Tsubasa Chronicles”?

Kurogane is one of the main characters in the manga and anime series “Tsubasa Chronicles”. He is a skilled warrior from the land of Japan and serves as a loyal and powerful companion to the protagonist, Syaoran.

What are Kurogane’s skills and abilities?

Kurogane is a formidable fighter who excels in melee combat. He possesses immense physical strength, enhanced speed, and exceptional swordsmanship. He wields a large nodachi (a type of Japanese sword) called “Ginryū” and is capable of delivering powerful and precise strikes.

What is Kurogane’s personality like?

Kurogane is known for his stoic and no-nonsense demeanor. He is often serious and straightforward, rarely showing his emotions. Kurogane is fiercely loyal to his friends and will protect them at all costs. Despite his tough exterior, he has a strong sense of honor and cares deeply for those close to him.

What is Kurogane’s role in the group?

Kurogane serves as the group’s primary protector and physical powerhouse. He is responsible for ensuring the safety of his companions as they travel through various dimensions. Kurogane’s combat skills and strategic thinking make him an invaluable asset in battles against powerful enemies.

What is Kurogane’s relationship to the other characters?

Kurogane develops deep relationships with the other main characters in “Tsubasa Chronicles”. He forms a close friendship with Syaoran and often acts as a mentor to him. Kurogane also shares a strong bond with Fai D. Flowright, another member of the group, as they gradually develop mutual respect and understanding.

Does Kurogane have any character development throughout the series?

Yes, Kurogane undergoes significant character development throughout Tsubasa Chronicles. At first, he is portrayed as a lonely warrior who is focused solely on honing his martial arts skills. However, as he spends time with Syaoran and the others, Kurogane learns the value of friendship, compassion, and self-sacrifice. This growth allows him to overcome his personal demons and develop a deeper understanding of his own emotions.