Mokona Modoki

Original Name モコナ=モドキ
Romaji Name Mokona Modoki
Nicknames Soel, Shiro Manjyuu, White meat pork bun
Series Tsubasa Chronicle, xxxHOLiC
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


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A playful and mysterious companion from “Tsubasa Chronicle”.


Mokona Modoki, also known as “Soel” or “Shiro Manjyuu”, is a fascinating character from the anime and manga series “Tsubasa Chronicle”. This replica of a dimensional god created by Clow Reed and Yuuko has a lively and mischievous personality. Characterized by his high energy and cheerful nature, Soel often teases the members of the Tsubasa team, especially Kurogane. Despite his playful nature, Mokona Modoki is a loyal and helpful companion, always ready to assist the team in their interdimensional travels.


Mokona Modoki was created specifically for Sakura as a countermeasure to certain predicted events in her journey. It serves as a means for the Tsubasa crew to travel between dimensions. With its origins tied to the powerful magic of Clow Reed and Yuuko, Mokona Modoki plays a significant role in the overarching storyline of “Tsubasa Chronicles”. His presence and abilities are intertwined with the fate of the main characters and the challenges they face during their adventures.


Each Mokona Modoki is a rabbit-like creature with a round gem embedded in its forehead. In Soel’s case, the gem is blue, which contrasts with his black fur. Mokona Modoki also wears an earring, in Soel’s case on his right ear. This distinctive appearance sets Mokona Modoki apart and contributes to her recognizable and adorable design. The charm and cuteness of Mokona Modoki’s appearance serve as a stark contrast to the profound powers she possesses.


Mokona Modoki possesses several remarkable abilities that aid the Tsubasa team in their interdimensional travels. Its primary functions include dimensional travel, acting as a universal translator, and facilitating communication with its counterpart, Black Mokona. Mokona Modoki’s abilities are later revealed to be part of his “108 Secret Skills,” which add depth and mystery to his character. In addition, Mokona Modoki’s earring possesses a unique power to repel magical curses, though the exact details of this ability remain unexplained.

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Mokona Modoki’s origins can be traced back to the creative minds of manga artist team CLAMP. Known for their distinctive art style and compelling storytelling, CLAMP introduced Mokona Modoki as a major character in “Tsubasa Chronicle”. Mokona Modoki’s presence extends beyond this series, appearing in other CLAMP works such as “xxxHOLiC,” further solidifying her status as a beloved and iconic character in the CLAMP universe.

Mokona Modoki – FAQ

What is Mokona Modoki?

Mokona Modoki is a character from the anime and manga series “Tsubasa Chronicle”. He is a small, round, white creature with rabbit-like ears and the ability to speak. Mokona Modoki serves as a companion to the main characters and plays an important role in the story.

What are Mokona Modoki’s abilities?

Mokona Modoki has several unique abilities. She has the power to communicate telepathically with others, allowing her to convey messages and thoughts without speaking. She can also sense the presence of magical energy and cast spells. In addition, Mokona Modoki can travel between dimensions, serving as a guide and providing transportation to other worlds.

How does Mokona Modoki fit into the story?

Mokona Modoki plays an important role in the plot of Tsubasa Chronicles. She assists the main characters in their quest to recover the scattered memories of Princess Sakura. Mokona Modoki’s dimension-traveling abilities allow the group to visit various parallel worlds, where they face various challenges and powerful enemies. She also provides comic relief and serves as a source of support and friendship for the protagonists.

Is Mokona Modoki a good or bad character?

Mokona Modoki is portrayed as a benevolent and cheerful character throughout Tsubasa Chronicles. She consistently supports the main characters and helps them overcome obstacles. Her intentions are mostly positive, and she is often portrayed as a source of light and hope. However, like every character, Mokona Modoki has her own motivations and secrets, which are revealed as the story progresses.

Are there more than one Mokona Modoki character?

Yes, there are several Mokona Modoki characters in the Tsubasa Chronicle series. The two main Mokona Modoki characters are known as “Black Mokona” and “White Mokona”. Black Mokona has black fur and serves as a communicator, while White Mokona, the more prominent of the two, has white fur and possesses the ability to travel between dimensions. Both characters work together to help the protagonists on their journey.

Does Mokona Modoki speak any language?

Mokona Modoki has the ability to speak and understand several languages. He can communicate with humans and other creatures in their respective languages, making him a valuable asset to the main characters as they travel to different worlds. His language skills help bridge communication gaps and facilitate interactions with different individuals and cultures.