Japanese Name 桐葉
Romaji Name Kiriha
Nicknames N/A
Series Tsugumomo
Age N/A
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A

Kiriha – The Spirited Tsugumomo Warrior

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Kiriha, a prominent character in the Tsugumomo anime series, has a spirited and determined personality. She is known for her strong will and unwavering dedication to her duties as a Tsugumomo. Kiriha is very protective of her master, Kazuya Kagami, and is fiercely loyal to him. Despite her serious demeanor, she also shows a playful and mischievous side, often teasing and taunting Kazuya. Kiriha’s vibrant personality adds depth and charm to her character, making her a fan favorite in the series.


Kiriha’s background in “Tsugumomo” is not fully explored. However, it is revealed that she is a tsugumomo, a supernatural being who takes the form of a hand-woven kimono obi of pure silk with a distinctive “sakura” pattern. Kiriha’s real name is Ayasakura, and she serves as Kazuya’s guardian and protector. The exact circumstances of their meeting and the formation of their bond are not explicitly mentioned in the available sources.


Kiriha’s appearance is striking and elegant. As a Tsugumomo, she takes the form of a beautiful kimono obi with intricate cherry blossom patterns. The obi wraps around Kazuya’s waist and extends downward, giving the impression of a flowing garment. Kiriha’s design embodies grace and traditional Japanese aesthetics, reflecting her role as a guardian spirit. Her ethereal presence and bright red color scheme make her visually captivating and memorable.


In terms of abilities, Kiriha possesses formidable fighting skills and mental powers. She is adept at close combat, using her silk form to deliver swift and precise blows. Kiriha’s attacks are characterized by their speed and fluidity, allowing her to overwhelm opponents with ease. In addition, she can manipulate her cloth form to create various weapons and defensive barriers, further enhancing her combat prowess.
As a Tsugumomo, Kiriha possesses spiritual energy and can tap into the spiritual realm. She can sense the presence of other supernatural beings and has a heightened awareness of spiritual disturbances. Kiriha’s spiritual powers allow her to interact with and manipulate spiritual energy, giving her an advantage in battles against otherworldly beings.


Kiriha is from the anime and manga series “Tsugumomo”. Created by Yoshikazu Hamada, the series follows the story of Kazuya Kagami, a high school student who encounters various supernatural entities called Tsukumogami. Kiriha serves as Kazuya’s Tsugumomo and becomes his loyal companion throughout their journey.
The series explores the dynamic relationship between Kazuya and Kiriha as they face numerous challenges and dangerous enemies. Kiriha’s role as Kazuya’s protector and her unwavering support contribute greatly to the development of the story and the growth of the main characters.

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Kiriha – FAQ

Who is Kiriha in “Tsugumomo”?

Kiriha is one of the main characters in the manga and anime series “Tsugumomo”. She is a powerful tsukumogami, which is a spirit that inhabits an object, in her case a kimono. Kiriha becomes the faithful companion and protector of the main character Kazuya Kagami during his supernatural adventures.

What are Kiriha’s abilities?

As a Tsukumogami, Kiriha has various abilities. She has increased physical strength, agility, and endurance. She can also manipulate the fabric of her kimono to create powerful attacks and defensive barriers. In addition, Kiriha has the ability to enter a “true form” in which she gains even greater power and fighting ability.

How will Kiriha interact with Kazuya Kagami?

Kiriha forms a close bond with Kazuya Kagami and serves as his guardian. She initially appears to him as a spirit and becomes his Tsugumomo, a spiritual artifact that gives him power. Kiriha is fiercely protective of Kazuya and often assists him in battles against other supernatural beings.

What is Kiriha’s personality like?

Kiriha is portrayed as a strong-willed and self-confident character. She can be somewhat blunt and direct in her speech, but she also cares deeply for Kazuya’s well-being. Determined and devoted, Kiriha is always ready to defend her friends and face any threats they may face.

Does Kiriha have any weaknesses?

While Kiriha is a formidable opponent, she also has her weaknesses. Like other tsukumogami, Kiriha relies on her host, Kazuya, for energy. When Kazuya’s energy is depleted or he is unable to support her, Kiriha’s power and abilities are greatly diminished. In addition, Kiriha can be affected by spiritual attacks and weaknesses associated with her status as a Tsukumogami.

Are there any notable relationships or connections involving Kiriha?

Kiriha develops close relationships with several characters in Tsugumomo. Besides her strong bond with Kazuya, she forms friendships with other tsukumogami and human characters. In particular, she has a deep bond with Kasumi Kagami, Kazuya’s deceased mother, who had a significant influence on her life.