Kotarou Azumi

Japanese Name 安曇 小太郎
Romaji Name Azumi Kotarou
Nicknames N/A
Series Tsuki ga Kirei
Age N/A
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


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The protagonist of “Tsuki ga Kirei


Kotarou Azumi, the protagonist of the anime series “Tsuki ga Kirei”, has a unique and endearing personality. He is the head of the literary club and has a deep passion for books. Kotarou aspires to become a writer and is greatly inspired by famous Japanese authors such as Osamu Dazai and Natsume Soseki.
Despite his carefree demeanor, Kotarou is a thoughtful and introspective individual. He tends to observe and reflect on the world around him, often finding inspiration for his writing in the everyday experiences and interactions he witnesses. Kotarou is known for his strong ties to his neighborhood and his culturally rich upbringing, which has instilled in him a deep appreciation for his community.


Kotarou was born to a father who has lived and worked in the same place all his life. His mother is a housewife and he is an only child. Growing up, Kotarou was actively involved in the local Shinto shrine orchestra, where he learned to play the flute, taiko drums, and dance. This culturally immersive upbringing shaped his perspective and fostered his love of traditional arts and literature.
Living in the house built by his grandparents, Kotarou enjoys close ties to his family and neighborhood. Though he does not excel academically and often finds himself in the bottom half of his class, Kotarou’s passion for literature and his dream of becoming a writer drive him forward.


Kotarou Azumi has the youthful appearance of a middle school student. He has short brown hair and gentle, expressive eyes. His clothing style is casual and comfortable, reflecting his laid-back nature. Kotarou’s appearance is unassuming, and he often blends into the background, letting his actions and words speak for him.


Kotarou possesses a creative and imaginative mind, which serves him well in his quest to become a writer. His love of books and literature fuels his ability to create compelling stories and narratives. Though he may not excel in his studies, his passion for writing sets him apart and drives him to improve his skills.

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Kotarou Azumi comes from the anime series “Tsuki ga Kirei”, which follows the story of Kotarou and his romantic relationship with his classmate Akane Mizuno. The series shows their personal growth, challenges, and the blossoming of their love against the backdrop of their school and community.
Kotarou’s character development throughout the series revolves around his journey to become a writer and find his own voice. In addition to his academic pursuits, he navigates the complexities of young love, friendships, and aspirations for his future.

Kotarou Azumi – FAQ

Who is Kotarou Azumi?

Kotarou Azumi is a fictional character from the anime series “Tsuki ga Kirei”. He is one of the main protagonists of the series.

What is Kotarou’s role in “Tsuki ga Kirei”?

Kotarou is the male lead in “Tsuki ga Kirei”. The anime follows his journey as he navigates high school life, explores his passion for writing and experiences his first love.

What are Kotarou’s interests and hobbies?

Kotarou is an aspiring writer with a passion for literature. He often spends his time reading books, writing stories, and participating in literary club activities.

How would you describe Kotarou’s personality?

Kotarou is portrayed as a reserved and introverted person. He is quiet and often keeps to himself, but he has a strong sense of determination and ambition when it comes to pursuing his dreams.

Does Kotarou have a romantic interest in the series?

Yes, Kotarou develops a romantic interest in a fellow student named Akane Mizuno. Their relationship is the central focus of the anime, which explores the ups and downs of their blossoming love during their high school years.

What challenges does Kotarou face in “Tsuki ga Kirei”?

Kotarou faces many challenges throughout the series. These include balancing his academic responsibilities with his writing aspirations, overcoming his shy nature to express his feelings, and dealing with the uncertainties and obstacles that arise in his relationship with Akane.