Akari Tsukimi

Original Name (Japanese): 月見あかり
Romaji Name: Tsukimi Akari
Nicknames: Acchan
Series: Tsukimi-sou no Akari
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Akari Tsukimi is described as a playful and cute girl who enjoys making her fellow residents of Tsukimi Manor happy. However, this tends to make the other residents jealous, as they would rather have her all to themselves. She seems to be going about her activities with the residents without her mother’s knowledge, and her mother is even a bit disturbed when she notices that her daughter is getting very close to all the residents.


Akari is the daughter of the owner of the student apartment “Tsukimi Manor”. Because of her cuteness, she is used as a poster girl to attract customers to the manor. She is responsible for the phrase “Wah! What are we going to do on the bed?” along with the “pomf” sound effect.

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Akari has a youthful and cute appearance, which is probably why she is used as the poster girl for Tsukimi Manor. Details about her physical features are not given.


No specific abilities are mentioned for Akari Tsukimi in the sources provided.


Akari Tsukimi is a character from the series “Tsukimi-sou no Akari”, although details about the original source material are not given.

Akari Tsukimi – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Akari Tsukimi from “Tsukimi-sou no Akari”:

Who is Akari Tsukimi?

Akari Tsukimi is the main character of the series “Tsukimi-sou no Akari”. She is a high school student who lives in an apartment complex called Tsukimi-sou. Akari is known for her kind and caring personality as well as her passion for the night sky and stargazing.

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What is Akari’s family background?

Akari’s family background is not explicitly stated in the series, but it is implied that she lives alone in Tsukimi-sou and does not have a close relationship with her parents. She seems to have a strong sense of independence and self-reliance, probably due to living on her own at a young age.

What are Akari’s hobbies and interests?

Akari’s main hobby and passion is stargazing and astronomy. She is fascinated by the night sky and loves to observe the stars and constellations from the roof of Tsukimi-sou. Akari also enjoys spending time with her friends and neighbors, and can often be seen helping out around the apartment complex.

How does Akari interact with the other residents of Tsukimi-sou?

Akari has a friendly and caring relationship with the other residents of Tsukimi-sou. She is often seen helping her neighbors with various tasks and is known for her kind and compassionate nature. Akari also forms close friendships with several of the other residents, including her friend Tsukasa, who shares her passion for stargazing.

What challenges or obstacles does Akari face throughout the series?

While the series focuses primarily on Akari’s daily life and her interactions with the other residents of Tsukimi-sou, she does face some challenges and obstacles throughout the story. These may include issues related to her living situation, her relationships with her family and friends, or her pursuit of her astronomical interests. However, Akari’s resilience and positive attitude help her overcome these challenges with grace and determination.

How does Akari’s character develop and grow throughout the series?

As the series progresses, Akari’s character undergoes a gradual process of growth and development. She becomes more assertive and confident in her abilities, while also learning to navigate the complexities of her relationships and her place within the Tsukimi-sou community. Akari’s passion for stargazing and her desire to share her love of the night sky with others also becomes an increasingly important part of her character arc.