Chizuru Takano

Name (Original): 高野 千鶴
Name (Romaji): Takano Chizuru
Nicknames: None
Series: Tsurezure Children
Age: 16-17
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Chizuru Takano is a seemingly emotionless girl who seems uninterested in love and romance. However, she slowly begins to develop genuine feelings for her classmate Sugawara, though she struggles to understand and express these newfound emotions. Despite her reserved nature, Chizuru eventually works up the courage to confess to Sugawara, and the two officially become a couple after an emotional conversation.


Chizuru Takano is a second-year student in Class 2-4 and a member of the Wind Ensemble Club. She is described as having no interest in love, claiming that she does not understand the concept.

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Chizuru Takano has a petite and delicate appearance, with large eyes and short, light-colored hair. She is often seen wearing the standard school uniform of the Tsurezure children.


As a member of the Wind Ensemble Club, Chizuru is skilled at playing a wind instrument, though the specific instrument is not mentioned. Her reserved nature and difficulty expressing her emotions also suggest a certain level of emotional intelligence and self-awareness.


Chizuru Takano is a character from the manga and anime series Tsurezure Children, which follows the romantic relationships of various high school students. She was created by Mangaka Tōru Fujisawa.

Chizuru Takano – FAQ

Here are 6 FAQs about Chizuru Takano from “Tsurezure Children”:

Who is Chizuru Takano?

Chizuru Takano is a character from the romantic comedy manga and anime series “Tsurezure Children”. She is a shy and awkward high school girl who develops a crush on her classmate Yuuki Atsushi.

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What is Chizuru’s personality like?

Chizuru is a very introverted and self-conscious girl. She has trouble expressing her feelings and often gets nervous around Yuuki. However, she is also kindhearted and caring, and deeply loyal to her friends.

What is the relationship between Chizuru and Yuuki Atsushi?

Chizuru has a big crush on Yuuki, who is one of the more popular boys in her class. While Yuuki is aware of Chizuru’s feelings, their relationship remains complicated as Chizuru is too shy to confess. Over the course of the series, they gradually become closer, although their romance develops slowly.

Will Chizuru end up with Yuuki at the end of the series?

The relationship between Chizuru and Yuuki is left somewhat ambiguous at the end of the “Tsurezure Children” series. While they have grown closer, Chizuru has not yet directly confessed her feelings, and their ultimate romantic outcome is left open.

What role does Chizuru play in the overall story of Tsurezure Children?

Chizuru is one of the main romantic storylines in Tsurezure Children, which focuses on the budding relationships between various high school students. Her storyline with Yuuki is a focal point, helping to explore themes of shyness, unrequited love, and the awkwardness of adolescent romance.

How popular is Chizuru Takano among fans of the series?

Chizuru is a very popular character among fans of Tsurezure Children. Her relatable personality and slow-burning romance with Yuuki have made her a fan favorite. She is often cited as one of the most compelling and well-developed characters in the series.