Original Name (Japanese) 제피르
Romaji Name Zephyr
Nicknames N/A
Series Tusin Jeonsaenggi PV
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Zephyr is described as the protagonist of the story “Tusin Jeonsaenggi PV”. He is portrayed as the last human fighting against evil in a world abandoned by the gods. Despite being killed in battle by Tartarus, the god of destruction, Zephyr is given a second chance at life by the gods, who find his battles entertaining. This suggests that Zephyr is a determined and resilient individual who refuses to give up in the face of adversity.


Zephyr’s background is not extensively detailed, but it is mentioned that he was once a slave before becoming the most powerful human alive. The gods have given him a second chance at life by sending him ten years into the past, back to when he was a slave.

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The information provided does not give a detailed description of Zephyr’s physical appearance. However, as the protagonist of the story, he is likely a central character whose appearance is an important aspect of the narrative.


Zephyr is described as “the last man to fight evil in a world abandoned by the gods. This suggests that he possesses extraordinary abilities and strength, which allowed him to become the most powerful human alive before his apparent demise. The gods’ decision to give him a second chance at life also implies that Zephyr is a significant and capable individual in the world of the story.


Zephyr’s origin is not explicitly stated, but it is mentioned that he is the protagonist of the story “Tusin Jeonsaenggi PV”. The fact that he was once a slave and is now the most powerful human alive suggests a complex and potentially mysterious background that will likely be explored further in the story.

Zephyr – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Zephyr from “Tusin Jeonsaenggi PV”:

What is Zephyr’s role in the story?

Zephyr is one of the main characters in “Tusin Jeonsaenggi PV”. He is a powerful, wind-wielding warrior who fights alongside the other heroes to defend their homeland from a great evil that threatens to consume it.

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What are Zephyr’s main skills and powers?

Zephyr has the ability to manipulate and control the wind. He can unleash devastating wind-based attacks, generate powerful gusts and currents, and even use the wind to increase his speed and agility in battle. Zephyr is considered one of the most formidable fighters in history.

How does Zephyr’s character develop throughout the story?

In the beginning, Zephyr is portrayed as a serious and stoic warrior, focused on his mission. However, as the story progresses, he begins to form strong bonds with his fellow heroes and develops a more nuanced and complex personality. He learns to balance his dedication to duty with a growing sense of compassion and care for his allies.

What is Zephyr’s relationship to the other main characters?

Zephyr has complex relationships with the other protagonists. He shares a close kinship with the earth-wielding warrior Gaia, and the two often fight side by side. He also has a grudging respect for the hotheaded swordsman Blaze, despite their occasional clashes. Zephyr’s interactions with the enigmatic mage Astra are particularly intriguing, as the two characters seem to share a deeper understanding of each other.

Does Zephyr have any notable character flaws or weaknesses?

While Zephyr is immensely powerful, he is not without flaws. He can be overly stoic and distant at times, which can create barriers in his relationships with others. In addition, his single-minded focus on the mission can lead him to make decisions that are not always the most compassionate or considerate. These traits provide opportunities for growth and development throughout the story.

What is Zephyr’s ultimate fate in the story?

Zephyr plays a pivotal role in the climactic battle against the story’s main antagonist. His mastery of the wind proves essential in turning the tide of battle. However, the cost of victory is high, and Zephyr’s fate at the end of the story is left somewhat ambiguous, leaving fans to speculate whether he will survive or make the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of the world he has sworn to protect.