El Condor Pasa

Original Name (Japanese): エル・コンドル・パサ
Romaji Name: El Condor Pasa
Nicknames: N/A
Series: Uma Musume: Pretty Derby
Age: 17
Weight: 48 kg
Height: 160 cm
Date of Birth: September 3
Blood Type: A


El Condor Pasa is described as an optimistic, loud and happy girl who is lively in class and on the track. She has a fiery competitive spirit and a burning love for running, as she enjoys every race she competes in. Originally from America, she tends to mix English into her sentences, which adds to her energetic and outgoing personality.


El Condor Pasa is a character from the anime series “Uma Musume: Pretty Derby,” which follows the stories of various horse-girl hybrids known as “Uma Musume” who compete in racing competitions. As an Uma Musume, El Condor Pasa is a character who represents the famous racehorse of the same name.

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El Condor Pasa has long, wavy brown hair and brown eyes. She is often seen wearing the standard Uma Musume: Pretty Derby school uniform, which consists of a white blouse, red ribbon, gray skirt and brown shoes.


As an Uma Musume, El Condor Pasa possesses superhuman speed and endurance, traits that are essential for competing in the high-stakes world of horse racing. Her fiery competitive spirit and love of running allow her to perform at her best during races.


El Condor Pasa is based on the real-life racehorse El Condor Pasa, a Peruvian thoroughbred who competed in the 1990s. The character’s name and personality are inspired by the horse’s legacy, which is deeply rooted in Peruvian culture and the folk song of the same name.

El Condor Pasa – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about El Condor Pasa from “Uma Musume: Pretty Derby”:

What is El Condor Pasa?

El Condor Pasa is a traditional Peruvian song featured in the “Uma Musume: Pretty Derby” anime series. It is a folk song that has been recorded by many artists over the years and has become an iconic part of Peruvian cultural heritage.

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Who sings El Condor Pasa in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby”?

In the Uma Musume: Pretty Derby anime, the character El Condor Pasa, who is a horse girl representing the Peruvian Paso horse, sings a version of the song. Her singer is Ayaka Fukuhara.

What is the significance of El Condor Pasa in the Uma Musume series?

El Condor Pasa represents the Peruvian Paso horse breed, which is known for its smooth and graceful gait. In the Uma Musume series, each horse girl is based on a real horse breed, so El Condor Pasa’s song and character embody the unique qualities of the Peruvian Paso.

What does El Condor Pasa’s song sound like in the Uma Musume version?

The “Uma Musume” version of El Condor Pasa features a lively, upbeat arrangement that showcases the character’s energetic and confident personality. The vocals have a beautiful, ethereal quality that captures the essence of the traditional Peruvian folk song.

What is the significance of the Peruvian Paso horse in “Uma Musume”?

The Peruvian Paso horse is a unique breed known for its smooth and comfortable gait, making it a popular choice for riding. In the “Uma Musume” series, El Condor Pasa’s character and song highlight the grace and beauty of this special breed of horse.

Where can I listen to El Condor Pasa’s song from Uma Musume?

The El Condor Pasa song from Uma Musume: Pretty Derby is available on various music streaming platforms and on the official Uma Musume soundtrack albums. Fans of the series can enjoy the character’s rendition of this classic Peruvian folk song.