Tokai Teiou

Japanese Name トウカイテイオー
Romaji Name Tokai Teiou
Nicknames Teio
Series Uma Musume: Pretty Derby PV
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified

Tokai Teiou from Uma Musume: Pretty Derby PV

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Tokai Teiou is a spirited and enthusiastic character with an unwavering passion for racing. She has a strong sense of pride and can be cheeky at times. Her goal is to become as skilled as Symboli Rudolf, whom she deeply admires and wants to emulate. Despite her competitive nature, Tokai Teiou also values teamwork and becomes a member of Team Spica.


Tokai Teiou is a character from the anime series “Uma Musume: Pretty Derby PV. While the specific details of her background are not given, we can infer that she comes from a racing background due to her intense passion and dedication to the sport. She aspires to follow in the footsteps of her idol, Symboli Rudolf, and become a formidable horsewoman like her.


Tokai Teiou has a unique and striking appearance. She has a light and agile body, which allows her to perform a distinctive style of footwork known as the “Teio Step”. Her flexible joints contribute to her elegant movements on the track. With her vibrant personality and striking physical features, Tokai Teiou attracts the attention of both fans and viewers of “Uma Musume: Pretty Derby PV.


As an experienced racehorse girl, Tokai Teiou demonstrates remarkable skills on the racetrack. Her light footwork and agility set her apart from her competitors. The “Teio Step” allows her to navigate the track with finesse, showcasing her flexibility and speed. With her unwavering determination and passion for racing, Tokai Teiou strives to become the strongest horse girl and achieve great success in the world of competitive racing.


Tokai Teiou’s character originates from the anime series “Uma Musume: Pretty Derby PV. She plays a supporting role in the PV and later becomes a main character in the subsequent seasons of the series. Her character design and development is created by the team behind the anime, incorporating elements of horse racing and anthropomorphism to bring Tokai Teiou to life on screen.
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Tokai Teiou – FAQ

Who is Tokai Teiou in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby PV”?

Tokai Teiou is a character in the multimedia franchise “Uma Musume: Pretty Derby,” which includes an anime series, games, and other media. Tokai Teiou is one of the main characters and a talented horse girl who represents the real-life racehorse Tokai Teio.

What is the meaning of Tokai Teiou’s character?

Tokai Teiou’s character represents the real-life racehorse Tokai Teio, a legendary Japanese thoroughbred racehorse who won numerous prestigious races. In the “Uma Musume: Pretty Derby franchise, Tokai Teiou is portrayed as a competitive and determined horse girl who strives to achieve greatness in the sport of horse racing.

What are Tokai Teiou’s personality traits?

Tokai Teiou is portrayed as a focused and hardworking horse girl. She is known for her unwavering determination, discipline, and strong work ethic. Tokai Teiou is also characterized as being determined and highly competitive, always striving to improve her racing skills and achieve victory.

What are Tokai Teiou’s special skills or abilities?

Tokai Teiou has exceptional speed and endurance, reminiscent of the real-life racehorse Tokai Teio. Her racing skills can be seen in the “Uma Musume: Pretty Derby series, where she demonstrates her talent for sprinting and long-distance races, making her a formidable competitor on the track.

Does Tokai Teiou have any notable achievements in the series?

In the series, Tokai Teiou achieves notable successes in various races. She consistently performs well in both sprinting and endurance events, demonstrating her versatility as a rider. While specific achievements may vary depending on the storyline or medium, Tokai Teiou is portrayed as a highly accomplished and respected competitor.

What is Tokai Teiou’s relationship with other characters in the series?

Tokai Teiou interacts with a diverse group of horse girls in the Uma Musume: Pretty Derby” series. She forms friendships, rivalries, and partnerships with other characters, engaging in friendly competition and mutual support. The relationships between the characters evolve and contribute to the overall narrative and character development within the franchise.