Hakumen no Mono

Original Name (Japanese): 白面の者
Romaji Name: Hakumen no Mono
Nicknames: The White-Faced One
Series: Ushio to Tora
Age: Unknown (Extremely ancient)
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown (Massive, dwarfing humans)
Date of Birth: Unknown (Born in ancient times)
Blood Type: Unknown


Hakumen no Mono is an extremely powerful and malevolent entity, driven by a hatred of humanity and a desire to destroy civilizations. It delights in manipulating human rulers to create fear and chaos. Despite its destructive nature, it is also fascinated by the “pure, clean ki” that humans possess, which it lacks. This creates a sense of envy and jealousy toward humanity.


Hakumen no Mono is an ancient, nine-tailed fox yokai born out of the darkness and impure, evil ki of the world. It has existed for ages, wreaking havoc and destroying countless civilizations throughout history. Despite the efforts of humans and other yokai, nothing has been able to stop Hakumen no Mono’s rampage.

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Hakumen no Mono takes the form of a massive, golden-furred, nine-tailed fox. His most distinguishing feature is his “white face,” which gives him his title and nickname. The exact nature of this “white face” is not clearly defined, but it is likely a supernatural aspect of his demonic nature.


As an incredibly powerful yokai, Hakumen no Mono possesses a wide range of abilities. It can manipulate the rulers of countries, sowing discord and fear among the populace. It also possesses immense physical strength, speed, and regenerative abilities. In addition, Hakumen no Mono can control and manifest its Ki in destructive ways, making it a formidable opponent.


The origins of Hakumen no Mono are shrouded in mystery, but it is known that it was born out of the ancient darkness and impurity of the world. It is a being of great antiquity, predating many of the other supernatural entities and civilizations that exist in the “Ushio to Tora” universe.

Hakumen no Mono – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Hakumen no Mono from “Ushio to Tora”:

What is Hakumen no Mono?

Hakumen no Mono is a powerful and ancient demon that serves as the main antagonist in the anime/manga series “Ushio to Tora”. It is an immensely powerful supernatural being that has existed for centuries and seeks to consume the world and all life in it.

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What are the abilities of Hakumen no Mono?

Hakumen no Mono possesses a vast array of powerful abilities, including superhuman strength, speed, and durability; the power to manipulate energy and matter; and the ability to control and corrupt other demons and spirits. He can also regenerate from almost any injury and split his massive body into smaller parts that act independently.

What is the connection between Hakumen no Mono and the protagonist Ushio?

Ushio, the main protagonist, is destined to be the one to defeat Hakumen no Mono and prevent it from destroying the world. Ushio’s family has a long history of fighting the demon, and Ushio inherits a powerful supernatural spear that can be used to fight Hakumen no Mono’s dark powers.

How does Hakumen no Mono first appear in the story?

Hakumen no Mono first appears when he is accidentally awakened from his centuries-long slumber by Ushio. The demon immediately sets out to continue its destructive rampage, forcing Ushio to confront it and begin his journey to fulfill his destiny as the one destined to defeat the ancient evil.

What is the ultimate goal of Hakumen no Mono?

Hakumen no Mono’s ultimate goal is to completely consume the world and all life within it, transforming the entire universe into its own twisted, demonic realm. It seeks to become an omnipotent, all-powerful being that rules over a twisted, hellish existence.

How will Ushio and his allies try to stop Hakumen no Mono?

Ushio and his allies, including the powerful animal spirit Tora, use a variety of tactics to defeat Hakumen no Mono. These include harnessing the power of Ushio’s sacred spear, forming alliances with other supernatural entities, and searching for ancient knowledge and artifacts to use against the demon.