Kirie Goshima

Japanese Name 五島 桐絵
Romaji Name Goshima Kirie
Nicknames Kiri, Kyrie
Series Uzumaki
Age Varies throughout the story
Weight Not available
Height Not available
Date of Birth Not available
Blood Type Not available

Kirie Goshima – The spiraling protagonist of Uzumaki

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Kirie Goshima, the main character of the manga and anime series “Uzumaki”, is portrayed as a schoolgirl living in the town of Kurouzucho. She possesses a very soft-hearted and kind nature, and despite her young age, she shows remarkable maturity when faced with challenging situations. Kirie is known for her unwavering determination and resilience in the face of the spiraling horrors unfolding in her town. She is a trusted friend who always puts the welfare of others before her own.


Kirie Goshima’s life takes a disturbing turn when her best friend’s father becomes obsessed with collecting and staring at spiral patterns. This obsession eventually leads to his tragic death in a washing machine. After his death, the town of Kurouzucho is plagued by an eerie phenomenon as the behavior spreads and people around Kirie begin to mutate into spiral creatures. As the chaos escalates, Kirie finds herself at the center of the spiral madness, becoming a recurring target of the spirals’ influence.


In terms of physical appearance, Kirie Goshima is portrayed as a typical high school student. She has short, dark hair and expressive eyes that reflect her emotions throughout the story. Kirie’s appearance changes little as the story progresses, allowing her character development and inner struggles to take center stage.


Though Kirie Goshima has no supernatural or extraordinary abilities, her strength lies in her determination and resourcefulness. She displays remarkable courage and adaptability in the face of the spiraling horrors unfolding in her town. Kirie’s ability to maintain her sanity and navigate through increasingly bizarre and dangerous situations demonstrates her resilience and intelligence.


Kirie Goshima’s origin is deeply intertwined with the town of Kurouzucho and the curse of the vortex that engulfs it. As a resident of Kurouzucho, Kirie becomes an unwitting witness and participant in the strange events that unfold under the Spiral’s influence. Her journey serves as a lens through which the audience experiences the escalating madness and explores the dark secrets hidden in the town’s history.
Kirie Goshima’s character in “Uzumaki” offers a compelling perspective on the human psyche when faced with unexplained and terrifying phenomena. Her unwavering determination and resilience make her a relatable and engaging protagonist as she delves deeper into the spiraling horrors that consume her town. Through her eyes, readers and viewers are taken on a chilling journey that explores the depths of human fear and the fragility of sanity in the face of the unknown.

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Kirie Goshima – FAQ

Who is Kirie Goshima?

Kirie Goshima is the protagonist of the horror manga “Uzumaki” created by Junji Ito. She is a high school student who lives in the town of Kurôzu-cho, which is plagued by a series of supernatural events involving spirals.

What is Kirie’s role in the story?

Kirie is the main character and narrator of the “Uzumaki” manga. She witnesses and experiences the bizarre and terrifying events that take place in her town, providing a first-hand account of the phenomena associated with the spirals.

How does Kirie react to the events in “Uzumaki”?

Kirie initially finds the events disturbing and strange, but becomes increasingly drawn into the spiral phenomenon. As the story progresses, she becomes more determined to uncover the truth behind the spirals and save herself and those around her.

Does Kirie have any special powers?

No, Kirie does not have any supernatural or special abilities. She is an ordinary high school student caught up in the extraordinary events of the story. Her strength lies in her resilience, courage, and determination to survive.

What is the relationship between Kirie and Shuichi Saito?

Kirie and Shuichi Saito, a classmate and love interest, share a close relationship throughout the story. They support and rely on each other as they face the horrors of the Spiral Curse together. Their bond grows stronger as they navigate the increasingly bizarre events.

Will Kirie find a way to escape the Spiral Curse?

Throughout the manga, Kirie and Shuichi make several attempts to escape the curse, but they are ultimately unsuccessful. The Spiral’s influence proves to be pervasive and inescapable, leading to a dark and tragic conclusion.