Noé Archiviste

Original Name ノエ・アルシヴェスト
Romaji Name Noé Archiviste
Nicknames N/A
Series Vanitas no Karte
Age 19
Weight N/A
Height 187 cm (6’1″)
Date of Birth September 28
Blood Type N/A


Noé Archiviste, one of the central protagonists of the “Vanitas no Karte” series, has a unique and multifaceted personality. He is portrayed as a kind and noble individual who often displays a compassionate nature towards others. Noé values friendship and has a strong sense of loyalty to those close to him. Despite being a vampire, he refuses to succumb to his primal instincts and adheres to a strict “no killing” rule. This demonstrates his strong moral compass and desire to protect the innocent.


Noé Archiviste was born on the night of the Crimson Moon as a member of the Archiviste Clan, a supposedly extinct clan of vampires. He spent his early life isolated in the forests of Averoigne, where he honed his skills and developed a deep connection with nature. Noé’s circumstances changed when his former master sent him to Paris aboard the La Baleine to retrieve the Book of Vanitas. This was the beginning of a journey that would reveal his true heritage and his role in the vampire world.


Noé Archiviste has a striking and elegant appearance, befitting his vampire lineage. Standing at 187 cm (6’1″), he has a slender yet athletic build. Noé’s most distinguishing feature is his bright red eyes, a testament to his vampire heritage. He has neatly styled black hair that falls just above his shoulders, framing his face. Noé’s fashion sense reflects a mix of modern and Victorian influences, and he is often seen wearing a black coat with intricate details and a high-collared shirt.


As a member of the Archivist Clan, Noé possesses a unique and powerful ability. He has the power to read the memories of those he drinks blood from, allowing him to gain insight into their past experiences. This ability proves invaluable in his quest for the Book of Vanitas, and aids him in his interactions with other characters throughout the series. Noé is also skilled in combat, demonstrating proficiency in various forms of close combat and weaponry.


Noé Archiviste originated in the world of “Vanitas no Karte,” an intriguing series created by Jun Mochizuki. In this fictional universe, vampires and humans coexist, with tensions and conflicts arising between the two groups. Noé’s role as a vampire and member of the Archivist Clan positions him as a key figure in the story’s intricate narrative. His journey to uncover the truth behind his heritage and his pursuit of the Book of Vanitas serves as a driving force within the plot, offering readers and viewers a compelling and immersive experience.


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Noé Archiviste – FAQ

Who is Noé Archiviste from “Vanitas no Karte”?

Noé Archiviste is one of the main characters in the manga and anime series “Vanitas no Karte”, also known as “The Case of Vanitas”. He is a vampire and the protagonist of the story.

What are Noé Archiviste’s abilities?

As a vampire, Noé has several abilities, including increased strength, speed, and agility. He also has the power to manipulate shadows and has advanced healing abilities.

What is Noé Archiviste’s role in “Vanitas no Karte”?

Noé serves as the main character from whose perspective the story unfolds. He becomes involved in a conspiracy surrounding the “Book of Vanitas”, a legendary grimoire that can greatly affect both vampires and humans. Noé teams up with a human named Vanitas to uncover the secrets behind the book.

What is Noé Archiviste’s personality like?

Noé is portrayed as calm, collected, and somewhat mysterious. He often displays a serious demeanor, but also shows moments of kindness and protectiveness towards his friends. Noé is determined and dedicated to uncovering the truth behind the Book of Vanitas.

Does Noé Archiviste have any significant relationships?

Throughout the series, Noé develops strong relationships with several characters. He forms a close friendship with Vanitas, the other main protagonist. Noé also has a complex relationship with Jeanne, a vampire hunter, due to their intertwined pasts.

What is Noé Archiviste’s backstory?

Noé’s past is gradually revealed throughout the series. He comes from a noble vampire family and has a tragic history involving the “Catastrophe of Altus,” an event that led to the destruction of his clan. Noé’s past and his connection to the Book of Vanitas play a crucial role in the overarching plot.