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Versailles no Bara

André Grandier

Original Name アンドレ・グランディエ Romaji Name André Grandier Nicknames N/A Series Versailles no Bara Age Varies throughout the series Weight N/A Height N/A Date of Birth August 26, 1754 Blood Type N/A André Grandier The enigmatic hero of “Versailles no Bara Personality André Grandier, a central character in the anime and manga series “Versailles no Bara,” […]

Oscar François de Jarjayes

Original Name オスカル・フランソワ・ド・ジャルジェ Romaji Name Oscar François de Jarjayes Nicknames Lady Oscar Series Versailles no Bara Age Unknown Weight Unknown Height Unknown Date of Birth December 25, 1755 Blood Type Unknown Personality Oscar François de Jarjayes, the central character of “Versailles no Bara”, is a complex and multifaceted individual. Known for his unwavering loyalty, hard […]