Original Name トールズ
Romaji Name Thors
Nicknames The Troll of Jom
Series Vinland Saga
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Thors – The Legendary Warrior of the Vinland Saga

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Thors, also known as “The Troll of Jom”, is a character from the popular anime and manga series Vinland Saga. He possesses a remarkable personality that distinguishes him as a noble and honorable warrior. A man of great integrity and principle, Thors is known for his unwavering sense of justice and moral compass. Despite his incredible fighting skills, he despises violence and warfare, choosing to live a peaceful life as a pacifist farmer. Thors is a loving and caring father to his son, Thorfinn, and his commitment to protecting his family is unwavering.


Thors’ background is deeply intertwined with the Viking world depicted in the Vinland Saga. He is hailed as the strongest, bravest, and most renowned warrior in all of Viking territory. Thor’s reputation precedes him, and he is highly respected by his comrades and feared by his enemies. After the birth of his children, however, he grows weary of the constant battles and bloodshed and longs for a life away from violence. Faking his own death, Thors retreats to a quiet life as a farmer, hoping to protect his family from the horrors of war.


Thors has a commanding presence with his tall and muscular frame. He has long, flowing silver hair and a thick beard, adding to his imposing appearance. Clad in Viking armor, he carries himself with grace and dignity, reflecting his status as a legendary warrior. Despite his fierce exterior, Thors’ eyes convey a sense of warmth and compassion, a testament to his gentle nature.


Thors is widely regarded as the greatest fighter in the Vinland Saga series. His fighting skills are unparalleled, and he has defeated such formidable opponents as Askeladd and Thorkell in single combat. Thor’s exceptional skill with a variety of weapons, including swords and axes, showcases his versatility as a warrior. His lightning reflexes, immense strength, and strategic thinking make him a formidable opponent on the battlefield. Thor’s fighting skills are further enhanced by his unwavering determination and unwavering sense of justice.


Thors’ origins are deeply rooted in Viking culture and history. While the Vinland Saga is a work of fiction, it draws inspiration from Norse mythology and the historical Viking era. Thors embodies the ideal Viking warrior, known for his bravery, skill, and honor. While the character of Thors has no explicit historical basis, he represents the legendary figures and iconic warriors of the Viking Age. Thors’ story serves as a compelling exploration of the conflicts and values of Viking society, providing a rich and immersive narrative for fans of the series.

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Thors – FAQ

Who is Thorfinn Karlsefni?

Thorfinn Karlsefni is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series “Vinland Saga”. He begins as a hotheaded and vengeful young warrior seeking revenge for his father’s death, but his journey takes him on a path of self-discovery and redemption.

What is Thorfinn’s goal in the Vinland Saga?

Thorfinn’s initial goal is to avenge his father’s death by killing Askeladd, the Viking mercenary who murdered him. However, as the story progresses, Thorfinn’s motivations shift and he becomes determined to find a peaceful land called Vinland, where he hopes to establish a utopia free of war and violence.

How does Thorfinn’s character develop over the course of the series?

Thorfinn’s character evolves significantly over the course of the series. Initially consumed by a desire for revenge, he gradually learns the futility and destructiveness of violence. He becomes disillusioned with the Viking way of life and seeks a path of peace and understanding, inspired by encounters with different cultures and individuals.

What are Thorfinn’s fighting skills and style?

Thorfinn is an exceptionally skilled warrior, trained in the art of swordsmanship. He is fast, agile, and has great reflexes. His fighting style revolves around his mastery of dual-wielding daggers, allowing him to quickly maneuver around his opponents and strike with precision.

Who are some of Thorfinn’s important allies and enemies?

Throughout his journey, Thorfinn encounters many allies and enemies. Notable allies include Leif Erikson, a wise and experienced explorer, and Canute, a prince undergoing his own transformation. As for enemies, Thorfinn’s main adversary is Askeladd, the leader of the Viking mercenaries, but his conflicts extend to various individuals involved in the power struggles of the Viking Age.

Is the Vinland Saga based on real historical events?

While Vinland Saga contains historical elements and characters, it is a work of fiction. The series is inspired by the Viking Age and references real-life figures such as Leif Erikson and Sweyn Forkbeard. However, the narrative and character arcs are fictional creations of the author, Makoto Yukimura.