Kazusa Touma

Original Name 冬馬 かずさ
Romaji Name Touma Kazusa
Nicknames N/A
Series White Album 2
Age N/A
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth May 28
Blood Type N/A



A closer look at the heroine of “White Album 2


Kazusa Touma, a central character in the anime and visual novel series “White Album 2,” has a complex and multifaceted personality. Initially portrayed as distant and aloof, she maintains a solitary and sometimes prickly attitude that keeps her peers at arm’s length. Kazusa is known for regularly skipping or sleeping through classes, leading her teachers to transfer her from Houjou’s music department to a regular class in her third year. Despite her aloof demeanor, there is more to Kazusa than meets the eye.


Kazusa Touma is the daughter of Youko Touma, a wealthy and renowned musician. Her background as the child of a prominent figure in the music industry contributes to her own musical talents. In the series, Kazusa showcases her skills as a musician, playing various instruments such as piano, guitar, bass, and saxophone. Her musical abilities and background shape her character development and interactions with others throughout the story.


Kazusa Touma is easily recognizable by her distinctive appearance. She has long, black hair that cascades down her back, framing her delicate features. Standing at an average height, she has an elegant and poised presence. Kazusa’s clothes often reflect a sense of sophistication and maturity, befitting her role as a talented musician. Her visual design complements her enigmatic personality, adding depth to her character portrayal.


Kazusa Touma’s musical abilities are her outstanding talents. She demonstrates exceptional skill and proficiency in playing multiple instruments, including piano, guitar, bass, and saxophone. Her dedication to music is evident in her performances and the impact they have on those who listen. Kazusa’s musical prowess not only serves as a means of self-expression, but also becomes an integral part of the emotional narrative in “White Album 2”.


Kazusa Touma originates from the visual novel “White Album 2” created by Japanese developer Leaf. The story revolves around the complex relationships and intertwining love triangles between the main characters. As one of the main heroines, Kazusa’s journey and personal growth play a significant role in shaping the narrative and exploring themes of love, passion, and sacrifice.

Kazusa Touma – FAQ

Who is Kazusa Touma in “White Album 2”?

Kazusa Touma is one of the main characters in the visual novel and anime series White Album 2. She is a talented pianist and a junior at Hōjō High School.

What is Kazusa’s personality like?

Kazusa is often described as reserved and serious. She is dedicated to her music and has a strong sense of responsibility. She can be blunt and direct in her interactions with others, sometimes coming across as cold or distant.

What is the relationship between Kazusa and Haruki Kitahara?

Kazusa and Haruki Kitahara have a complex and evolving relationship throughout the series. They first meet when Kazusa joins Haruki’s light music club as a pianist. Their connection deepens as they collaborate on musical performances and spend more time together.

What are Kazusa’s musical skills?

Kazusa is an extremely talented pianist. Her skills and passion for music are evident throughout the series. She is often sought after for her ability to interpret and perform classical pieces with great emotion and precision.

Does Kazusa have a romantic interest?

Yes, Kazusa develops romantic feelings for Haruki Kitahara as their relationship develops. However, the love triangle between Kazusa, Haruki and Setsuna Ogiso, another main character, adds complexity and tension to the story.

What are some notable moments involving Kazusa in “White Album 2”?

Kazusa’s character goes through several significant moments in the series. Some notable scenes include her heartfelt piano performances, emotional confrontations with other characters, and the exploration of her personal struggles and ambitions as a musician.