Ja-Hyun Jo

Original Name 조 자현
Romaji Name Ja-Hyun Jo
Nicknames Super Rookie, Nerd, Jay Jo
Series Wind Breaker
Age Varies throughout the series
Weight Not specified
Height 5’9″ (175 cm)
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified

Ja-Hyun Jo from “Wind Breaker” – A character analysis

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Ja-Hyun Jo, also known as Jay Jo, is the main character of the webtoon series “Wind Breaker”. Initially perceived as solemn, selfish, and stubborn, Jay’s personality undergoes significant development as the story progresses. While introverted and studious, Jay shows caring, understanding, and selfless traits as he forms friendships and interacts with others. He gradually learns to express his opinions and becomes more socialized, freeing himself from the constraints of his parents’ expectations.


Jay’s childhood was marked by intense academic pressure and a lack of socialization. His parents placed high expectations on his academic performance and discouraged him from having friends. However, his uncle, Mach Jo, played a pivotal role in shaping Jay’s passion for cycling. Mach’s influence fueled Jay’s love for the sport, and he dreamed of going on a cycling trip with his uncle, who unfortunately passed away before they could fulfill that dream.


Ja-Hyun Jo is portrayed as a young male student with a height of 5’9″ (175 cm). He has a serious and reserved demeanor, often giving the impression of being emotionless. As the story progresses, Jay’s expressions become more animated, reflecting his growing emotional depth. Though initially introverted, his demeanor changes as he gains confidence and interacts with his friends in the biking scene.


Jay is an exceptional cyclist and a key member of the Hummingbird crew. He possesses impressive riding skills and techniques honed through years of practice. Considered the ace of his crew, Jay excels in both defensive and offensive riding. His control of his bike is exemplary, allowing him to execute maneuvers with precision. Notable skills include his sprinting speed, defensive support of his teammates, and the execution of impressive drifts during races.


Ja-Hyun Jo comes from the webtoon series “Wind Breaker,” which chronicles his journey as a student and amateur cyclist. Enrolled in Sunny High School, Jay’s life takes a transformative turn when he meets the Zephyrus Crew and engages in a face-off that draws attention in the cycling community. As the story progresses, Jay forms the Hummingbird Crew with a group of friends who share his passion for cycling. Together, they face challenges, competitions, and personal growth, ultimately becoming a formidable force in the cycling world.

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Ja-Hyun Jo – FAQ

FAQs about Ja-Hyun Jo from “Wind Breaker

Who is Ja-Hyun Jo?
Ja-Hyun Jo is the main character of the webtoon “Wind Breaker”. He is a high school student and a talented cyclist.
What are Ja-Hyun Jo’s characteristics?
Ja-Hyun Jo is known for his determination, perseverance, and exceptional cycling skills. He is dedicated to improving his performance and overcoming challenges.
How did Ja-Hyun Jo get involved in cycling?
Ja-Hyun Jo discovered his passion for cycling when he stumbled upon a group of cyclists training on a hill. Inspired by their speed and skill, he decided to pursue cycling as a sport.
What challenges does Ja-Hyun Jo face in Wind Breaker?
Throughout the story, Ja-Hyun Jo faces various challenges, including tough competitions, rivalries with other cyclists, injuries, and personal setbacks. He constantly strives to overcome these obstacles and achieve his goals.
Does Ja-Hyun Jo have any notable accomplishments?
Yes, Ja-Hyun Jo has several notable achievements in cycling. He has won numerous races and has become a respected figure in the cycling community.
Does Ja-Hyun Jo have any close friends or associates?
Yes, Ja-Hyun Jo has a group of close friends and allies who support him throughout his cycling journey. They provide emotional support, training advice, and help him overcome challenges.